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    Date: 04/01/████ As I sat in a room amongst others chatting about what they do and what their names are, a man walked into the room. He looked about 40ish, almost bald, and wore a suit and a lab coat top of it, looked weird but I wasn't gonna judge his style of fashion. He took his place on top of a stage overlooking everyone and then proceeded to say in a stern voice, "Welcome to the Shark Punching Center new recruits. Before you can progress further you must go through Orientation. Only then will you understand how vital our work is and why you must punch every shark you see!". We were all very excited to begin working at the Shark Punching Center some of us began talking to each other. "Shut your pie holes and sit the hell down back there! I've got places to go and people more important than you to see, because I happen to be a scientist and we scientists have a tendency to be very busy and important people. If you're out there in the folding chairs, that means you're the new guys. Bottom of the totem pole. But, it also means that you passed the entrance exams. Welcome to the SPC. From this moment onward, your job is very, very simple: you are going to punch sharks...In the face. You will punch sharks. When not punching sharks, you will be planning on punching sharks. You will be developing new ways to punch sharks. You will read about punching sharks. You will write about punching sharks. You will study punching sharks. You will dream about punching sharks. You will jump the shark. You will collect and contain paranormal objects, and then use them to beat up sharks. Punching sharks is your life. Now, you may be asking yourself "How am I to punch these sharks?" well it's quite simple, use your fists. And you may ask yourself "What if I am bitten by a shark? I'm unsure of what to do." Go see an alchemist. And you may say to yourself "My teeth have become shark-like, in the sense that they have all turned into sharks." Good, now start punching them. It's an important job, mark my words. There are people out there, many people who just don't understand why. They don't realize how important our job is. You will be challenged, mocked, insulted, but you cannot lose sight of the goal: your fist .in a shark's face. Several years ago, a former employee asked me "Why do we punch sharks?" You know what I said to him? "Sir, do you hate science? Are you a science-hating shark-hugger? Do you approve of the non-science shark agenda?" He said no, he wasn't... I punched him in the face anyway, because he was clearly a closet shark. Because that's what we fucking do at the SPC. When you came here, there was a copy of Sun Tzu's 'The Art of Punching Sharks' on your chair. You are all to have read that by the time you report in tomorrow morning. Now get out of here. Those sharks aren't going to punch themselves...because they don't have hands." As he finished his speech, we all stood up, picked up our book, and left the room. We proceeded to our dorms and while others were chatting, laughing, and eating. I was already halfway done with my book. As soon as I finished it, I walked outside and went to the beach to practice, I lured one of those coastal sharks close and then began punching the face. Why? because that's what we do, we punch sharks. I have to admit though, he did come close a few times to getting a good bite on my hand.. gotta think of a way so that even if they decide to bite me, it won't do anything. Date: 25/09/████ 17 years went by, and I had come up with numerous ways to punch those goddamn sharks right in their face and got promoted a bunch of times along the way. However, I had noticed that I was getting some attention from the higher ups due to my shark punch count but I just thought nothing of it at the time and went on about my day, thinking of new ways to punch those sharks straight to hell. Eventually, I was approached by the same man that gave the orientation speech when I was a fresh new recruit and asked me if I was willing to have a chat with him and some others, I agreed and he led me to a room and a screen with a video call of a room filled with 12 individuals, sitting at a somewhat long oval table, however, their faces and such were static so I couldn't really tell who they were. There were guards stationed outside, as well as inside the room I was in and also in theirs, however they didn't look like the normal everyday guards that I usually see. The man at one end of the table began to speak, "I'm sure you have a lot of questions of why you are here and such, however, we'll get straight to the point, we have called you here due to your impressive record and well, your cloak and dagger sort of personality. We are preparing for war. No no no, do not say a word, you heard me correctly, a war. And you sir, are the type of person we are looking for. I see from your records that you have an impressive shark punching history and have also submitted a couple new ways to punch sharks, very well done. Now, getting back on track Mr. Finley. we require you to to prepare yourself and study those books on the table beside you, your dorm will be moved to another location where you will not have contact with anyone. Be sure to study those books and know them by heart. You'll know what to do when the time comes. That is all for now." As I collected the books and followed the guards to my new dorm, thoughts rushed into my head about what the man said, about the war, how I need to prepare, and most importantly, how I'll know what to do when the time comes. I kept thinking about that last one for a long, long while. Eventually, I reached my room, it was desolate, away from everyone, only people that would walk by were those guards, and even then they didn't interact with me other than to check up if I was reading those books and bringing me my food. The books were strange, they were in a language I didn't understand, so I had to learn another language to read all these other ones. Date: 17/12/████ After a little more than 3 year has passed, I'm now fluent in the language and have learnt all the books, thank god I have photographic memory, this shit wouldn't be easy if I wasn't. Anyways, I've finished reading all the books are about special spells and magic and shit, I fail to see how some of these will help me punch those selachian entities, but eh, I see how they can be used for my safety and such. Still waiting for the war and whatever to begin. Date: 17/05/2021 A voice can be heard over the speakers: ALERT! ALERT! Everyone must proceed to the nearest evacuation point and await further instructions. This is not a drill. ALERT! ALERT! Everyone must proceed to the nearest evacuation point and await further instructions. This is not a drill. The speakers just kept going on and on yet, I had no idea what what going on. 4 of those guards told me to follow them to a secure location I instantly got out of my dorm and started following them, but I left the books behind at my dorm. Thankfully I have memorized all the book had to offer. While being escorted, the guards started opening fire on these guys in weird guns and armor. I made a sketch of a few of them after the whole ordeal was over. Anyways, the guards started to open fire on them and I was in the back behind cover, 2 of the 4 died trying to take down only 1 of them. We were going down this long hallway but we got boxed in from both ends by 2 more of those guys. It was just me and 1 more guard left. I suggested we find a room and wait it out, yet he was adamant on going forward to the secure location. We entered into a big open room with a bunch of bodies on the floor, there were scientists, guards, even those hostiles attacking us, there was a literal pool of blood on the whole floor. We had finally reached the secure location, I was told to stay put in there while he left to investigate some sounds coming from outside he told me to lock the door behind him and to not open for anyone no matter what. A few minutes went by, I heard a lot of screams and gunshots. I was infuriated, I couldn't do anything to help them, all I had were my fists but they had guns. If only I could close the gap to them, then maybe I'd be able to take a few of them down. Suddenly there was banging on the door, I remembered what the guard said and didn't open the door for anyone, no matter what. They then started to bang on the door harder and harder, thankfully it was a steel door so it wasn't that easy for them to get in, however there were little cracks forming on the door, and when I looked through it, I saw a bunch of those guys standing outside smashing on the door, trying to get in. I tried to think of what I could do, there was no other exit. I could try blocking the door with things in the room, that would be pointless, nothing was heavy enough. I kept thinking and remembered one of the spells I learnt. I quickly started to recite it in my head. The hostiles outside managed to break down the door and when they walked in, I was almost done with my spell but I recited the wrong words at the end because I got scared and got teleported to another location. I thought nothing of the wrong recital at the time, just how I managed to get away from those guys. I took a look outside the room I was teleported to and everything looked the same, yet felt different. I wasn't sure where I was at all so I decided to ask someone walking by on the street. He looked confused, yet answered my question, he said I was Oregon, in a city named Ovis City. I never heard of it before so I decided to look around. Date: 16/06/2021 Currently, I reside in a small apartment that I rented in Ovis City. I've not decided what to do yet, but I must get back to the SPC, that's for sure. I have to think up a plan, I can't seem to be able to contact anyone at the SPC, hopefully they're safe and from whoever those guys attacking us were. --------------------------OOC-------------------------- This ??? is from an alternate dimension in which instead of SCP Foundation, it's the SPC. Currently, he has no idea and thinks he just teleported to another state and wants to get back to the SPC and see if everyone survived the assault. Completely unaware that Ovis City is under siege by the Combines too. He will eventually make contact with the SCP Foundation and offer to help them in exchange for receiving help for himself to get back to his home. He won't be a completely combat ??? as he will try to reason with others to find solutions to his problems and try to offer his knowledge to help those he can. He might turn to others instead of the Foundation to help him get back if the Foundation refuse to help him. ??? Name: Mike Finley Discord name & tag: PleaseDontEatMe#8165 Steam Name: PleaseDontEatMe SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61146039 Equipment: - No-collision/Nobody SWEP - Cuffs - Fists that deal more dmg than the regular one (Due to his long years spent punching sharks) - SMG/Pistol (Optional) Player-model: Trench coat Relations: - Foundation: Neutral/Friendly (After making contact will try to shift relations from neutral to friendly) - GOIs: Neutral - CI: Hostile (Due to some CI members being ex-Foundation, they are aware of the SPC and consider it to be the SCP Foundation of another reality)
  5. If u were perma-banned recently(few days ago), I suggest you wait a few months
  7. Explain wtf this is Why do we have Sarkic representatives
  8. Idk it's dumb, ppl going ham on some dude that asking should he return or not even tho it's up to him
  9. -1 - Didn't put in-game playtime - 1 line answer for question - Didn't answer question properly - 1 line answer for question
  10. Use template your your ban appeal won't be considered
  11. Thank you for feedback, unfortunately, I don't think I have anything that I'd deem special that others don't to bring to the table. I might find out in future if I have anything special, but at the moment I don't believe I have anything.
  12. @Krueger I've edited my app to include a description of what my O5 character will be like
  13. I mean, some of it is custom, some of it is according to lore. Take 682 for example, Yet the site is directly under a human development Also you'd see combines invading us but it's not on SCP wiki of gmod combines invading a random ass site.
  14. 17076*192312*123/21894/2321/320138*1583*0 + 1 Bruh wtf Avery how did u come up with something like this? 100000000000000/10 app
  15. Your in-Game Name: Joe Conner Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61146039 Your Age: 17 Your In-Game Playtime: 9w 0d 21h 40m (Is more if you count the reset that happened a long while back) Your Warns: 2 warns from 2019 Rate Your RP Skills: I'd give them around 8/10. What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?: O5-7 "The Wallflower". He appears to be a white Caucasian male in his mid-late 20's, exact age is undetermined. Known by the other O5's to be more solitary and tranquil. Yet is always ready to help whoever needs him. He has seen many of his loved ones come and go over countless years and now refuses to let himself get emotionally attached to anyone, as a result, he has become more desolate in his lifestyle. However, he is seen from time to time talking to/standing up for others, despite his aversion to social interaction, that are hurt and/or are being treated unfairly. Have you read and understand the rules of SCP-RP?: I've been playing since like V2/3 so yes, I've read the rules numerous times . Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions): I believe that I can bring in more RP onto the server by constantly doing PassiveRP which in turn would cause others to try and join in as well. I also believe that I have a good knowledge of the Foundation due to my time spent playing on the server. The reason I want to focus on the Ethical department, is the lack thereof a ethicality on-site. Hence why I plan to be kind and compassionate that cares about everybody's lives and wellbeing. I can also be a leader when the occasion calls for it. Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?: An O5 generally is the one behind the scenes making all the tough calls and decisions that the SD and others wouldn't be able to. They have gathered information over the time they have lived and worked for the Foundation that many others, even other O5's sometimes, don't know of. The O5 manages and are capable of a variety of things; they can order a nuke, both of the site and/or the surface, they can order AoS on whoever they deem so, they can manage and change deals with other GoI groups that exist on the surface, and countless other things. What is the O5 Council?: The O5 Council is a group rumored to have 13 (12 on server) individuals that control every aspect of the Foundation. They as well know everything there is to know about the Foundation, including the things that no one has access to besides them. All of them are secretive about their identities because of the importance of their status and the bounty that would be on their head if word got out. Hence why they prefer to conduct themselves through one of their specialized task force A-1 agents as messengers or to carry out a mission, or to just stand guard. They are rarely seen dealing with the minor inconveniences of the site and let the Site Director or others handle them. While not all, some are anomalies and hence why they have been capable of doing extraordinary feats like living for a lot longer than possible, or having a special ability. Are you currently head of a department (Job Manager), general staff in Nu-7 or a Site Director?: No, I've played SD somewhat commonly for a while when it wasn't WL. I have HoEA WL (not job manager) What Departement would you like to focus on? (Research, Mobile Task Forces, Ethics,...): Ethical Department.