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  1. Oh apologies, I had to Undo some text as I wasn't pleased with what I wrote and forgot to refill my Steam ID section, Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Steam Name : Dominic Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:181090970 In-Game Level & Rank: LVL 50, PLAT VIP State what groups you are in(If you're in any): N/A Playtime (2 days minimum, exceptions can be made): 1 Week nearly 3 days. Warns (Only 20 Warns Maximum, Exceptions can be made): 15 warns (Over a year old) What can you bring to the Global Occult Coalition: I will bring a characteristic which is being strong in RP And want to have nothing but the greatest RP experience among my peers and fellow players. I can and will bring leadership potential to an extraordinary GOI such as the Global