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  1. You could've avoided making yourself look like a clown by just messaging Razor in the first place. This request was so unneeded and replying so much made it even worse lad.
  2. lol minigun go brrrrr, shotgun go boom
  3. -1 mate accept the ban ffs. Its stated that you aren't allowed pme's unless you're EP or SA+. Also fail rp and rdming isn't allowed. Stop being stupid, stfu and come back when you feel less retarded.
  4. lad it isn't a shitty reason for a warn. If you're GC and an enemy is behind you, you don't just keep on sniping him. Same goes here. You can see in the video that he just scrolls to rpg and blows him up anyways (When he should know the rules for rpging). Just because he was "good" in the past doesn't make him invalid for any harsh doings.
  5. -1 stop the bollocks lad
  6. +1 CT NCO got phys gun and tool gun, you lads can.
  7. +1 Really good guy. Everything said above
  8. -1 Focus on your streaming career. I believe it'll go far
  9. +1 Can't be arsed reading all that nerd stuff but its probably good so whatever. You're also pretty swag