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  1. -Remove 087/relocate it, place 4 offices/empty room in that area instead. -Revamp many halways, add some complexity to site. -add vents. -rework the CDC Airlock as all of the class d mingyness gets concentrated in that chokepoint. -easter eggs -rework clearance system (although this is not really map specific as such things dont quite get edited in hammr, checkpoints still are part of the map) -SURFACE REWORK - V4 SURFACE PLS?? -breach shelter locations + how they work -partly 2nd floors within different zones like making these parts accessible: https://i.imgur.com/8y138Bj.jpeg -make controlrooms at CPs accessible -couple of more things i cant recall rn
  2. I remember us getting caught up at1025 and both getting turned into stone. Absolutely amazing. Regardless, you have really been putting a good amount of work into getting your reputation up and known around site. I sincerely hope you get the spot as you are more than qualified for it from what i can tell. +1 my man, good luck!
  3. i agree on prior given feedback. Not just is your app fairly good but more importantly are you a great and experienced guy. There is much to say aside from +1, good luck on your app
  4. mfw not answering my discord dms but vibing on the forums smh
  5. Is actually fat and scared of booty pics

  6. Evan evan evan. You are a decent guy and a good combatplayer but i have never really seen you properly passiverp. Aside your app being "very meh at best" tp say it in a friendly manner, . To be straight, i quite simply do not see you as O5 as of now. -1 Good luck on your app!
  7. Apparently i have not already commented on this. . Silly me. Anyway, definetly a big +1 from me. Possibly the biggest +1 ive ever given. Not just are you an absolute chad and cool guy, you know the key of rp and each encounter with you was pleasant. I am still looking forward to build your 990 storyline once i am the head of thaumaturgy hehe. The application is stunning. I quite literally didnt even know you could create pages with the tools given as i have never paid that much attention. The format is insane. Not a standartized app. Answering questions in transcript format is genius! Ill be copping some of that for my future applications and i cant wait to see what youll be bringing us as SD and possibly o5 in the future Hope to see you there!
  8. Why has this app only one reply yet? Regardless, ill be getting straight to the point. I have not played with you too often. Rarely ever did we actually encounter each other wihtin rp however, from my short IC meetings with you, talks on discord and so on, i think you are fit. Dont recall you being mingy whatsoever. Good luck! +1
  9. +1 Although i dont know synergy too good, from all i know him, he is a great guy. I would love to see him within the staff team as i think you are totally suited from our chatting on discord. good luck!!
  10. I absolutely loved roleplaying with you. You are by far one of the most active O5s i have seen and the one i have interacted with the most. You were a great help to establish myself in both, IC and OOC after getting back, giving me a good dozen basics and so on. Id absolutely love to see you back. Ive been missing O5 rp and specifically you ever since the purge! Hope i can bump you some of my crazy testing ideas soon and work hand in hand with you once again! -Dr. Lyren Trou
  11. I love you If you get accepted to O5, it is sarkic infil and kidnap time to then forcemarry you with me and PK you +1
  12. I know your name but that really is it. I barely ever see you and whenever i do, its just from passing by thus i cant tell anything about you. Your playtime is fairly low but still above the mark so thats fine. Your third answer is quite invalid as people who trigger your swep, must be killed. It would indeed "ruin rp" if youd decide to ignore as this is one of the most plain and basic rules youd be breaking about 096. Neutral as there is nothing to really upvote or downvote either