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  1. Deep I'll be honest , it feels like you just want the WL for the sake of having it rather than actually wanting to RP as MCnD. Also the reason why whisper considered the app meh is probably cause if you take a step back all you say about mcnd is they sell anomalies and stuff , make money , which is the most surface level descriprion of mcnd.
  2. TDM event , get this man event planner role already
  3. So you freed your friend for ooc reasons (being your friend) and not because you had good IC reason to. You broke fearRP You typed this as if being salty because someone was faster than you justifies you being an asshole and disrespecting them Crocodile tears , I'm sorry I got caught. You broke fearRP , dtp, SSA , metagame/ going rogue. Since this is a valid ban it probably wont get accepted , so if I were you I'd take a month or two off and appeal again cause right now you are clearly not mature enough
  4. lol when did you get banned and what did you do to warrant a nh2rp ban
  5. If after a verbal warning you still do it then it should be a ban , you can't just say , Ops i did this thing i was told not to do , then get warned and do it 5 more times before being banned , not doing something after being told not to is just common sense , if you don't have that you shouldn't be on this server.
  6. These props are propblocking but they are also the World props that spawn at the top of mt and are always thrown down These props however are from this felix guy but they aren't really prop blocking I'd be inclined to say there's not enough evidence to actually claim prop blocking , escpecially considering the fact that these can just be destroyed
  7. Your app is under a 1000 words , you need to add more for this to even be considered. That said it's very unlikely that you will be picked solely based on that 3 days playtime , oftentimes that's not enough to fully understand the server as a mod should.
  8. What Clearance level does the gormit mug have ? I'm asking cause I don't want to break ConsequenceRP