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  1. Hello. Me, I am high supporter of liberty and freedom. I support all people with different genders, different sexual orientations, different views on world etc. But what I find unpleasant is the fact that many members of this forum use former Nazi pictures as their display image. Why unpleasant? Because we should no way give good light to the darkest moments of our history. We are a land of freedom and should act as civilised people. We, the adults, should not poison the innocent minds of young people about Nazism. Sure, we can roleplay it in the game, but in the forums we should stay away from this demonic empire. Therefore I highly suggest that we use images that are more known nowdays. Such as doggieface, pikachu face, or flowers etc. Something more harmonic. I hope people understand my concern.
  2. There is nothing to laugh about someone's ban. One thing is breaking rule but I pointed out that I did not know history. How is not knowing history failRP? Yes I know that the song must be connected to the war era. Musics made by Justin Bieber, Elvis Presly, Gangnam Style etc are not allowed. Yes, I know that. But I did not know that North Korea did not exist at that time yet. Those idiots in my unban appeal did not even care to read my explanation.
  3. Your In-game name: Valentine Kleiner Your Steam ID: 76561198003827754 Reason of the ban: I got banned for playing North Korean music Date you were banned on: 12.06.2021 Duration of ban: 6 days Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Dr Erwin Krauser Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: So basically recently I had bought streamer package. And of course I was testing it. I had put lot of communist music into my dropbox. Unfortunately I also had put North Korean music, but little did I know that North Korea did not exist at that time. Sorry, my history is not good at all. And I know very little about North Korea. Only that it is ruled by one big fat man. Do you think your ban was justified: Sort of. But then again, it was not my intention to break any rules. Basically the cause of my ban was lack of knowledge about history. Why should you be unbanned: I had no intention to to break any rules. Had I known that North Korea did not exist during 1943, I wouldn't have played it at all. Any kind of evidence: I attached a picture about my ban. Nothing else to show. Additional information: Like I said. My ban was caused because of my lack of knowledge about history. Only when Dr Erwin Krauser told me that North Korea did not exists at 1943, only then I got to know it. Note: While evidence is not a must it will make your unban request more likely to get accepted.
  4. +1 from me Stupid ban. Making Jewish star is not an offence to server rules. Perhaps some Resistance members are Jewish? And they fight against Nazi regime? In my opinion it makes sense. Altough I would like to point out few things: 1) It should not be made on place where you could not get an access to in real life (on high wall or something) 2) You should not spray it when in sight of the Reich members (FailRP) 3) Dont spam with it
  5. Hello. Recently I bought Streamer package (radio station music player package). But when I try to load some music, it says Error 41: Unsupported file type or format. Exactly what formats are supported? Also when I choose files from radio station, then it says that root folder is :/Path But where exaclty is this located on the computer? Or is it server based filepath? Thank you for your help. Josef Kleiner.
  6. Okay. Now go to your fridge and take your one huge big dildo. Use it on your ass. GTFO with your ERP You do ERP and you also lie. Definite -1 from me.
  7. +1 One year is enough. Give him another chance.
  8. -1 also from me. How stupid person can be? If he was told to re-apply in a couple of months then do what you are told. Dont fucking spam this forum with your unban appeals which have a clear result. As a matter of fact, I suggest removing him from the forums as well. He is dumb as his brother. If he even has so called "brother". GTFO
  9. -1 from me You tried to use unfair actions. It clearly shows that you tried to do something nasty. And Im amazed that you could not do something else during your 2 week ban. Well, in any case, I think you should come back in 5 months. Learn honesty. And in my honest opinion, I think that 13 year old kids are not supposed to be allowed to play on this server anyway. They cant be taken seriously. And also, it does not matter that you paid 17 pounds or whatever for your VIP. If you broke the rule, then pay for it. Come back in 5 months.
  10. +1 If that is so, then yeah, too random warning. Other than that, do not use somebody else's word as your additional evidence. Only video is a solid proof of what happened. Or some very very clear picture of what is going on.
  11. Okay, true. I should have not screamed at you. But it pisses me off, when people write non-understandable text. You say you dont speak so good english. Yet you can write words very well, which means you can undeerstand english. So you should be also able to write commas. It's not a rocket science. Anyway, you got no evidence. And one of the admins already told you that he observed you. And two week ban is not that much at all. Simply do something else meanwhile. I have been banned permanently and I had to wait 4 months. Still -1 from me. Good luck.
  12. Stupid evidence. Noone cares about your unban message. Give video of what happened. Or dont give at all. Then LEARN TO WRITE IT PROPERLY. You are what? A simpleton? Did you go to school? USE COMMAS and write normal understandable text. Honestly speaking, people like him who dont know how to write appropiate unban appeals are the ones who break the rules and then lie. Definite -1 from me
  13. Just give that man another chance. Okay, he was bunny hopping. Big deal. There are offences which are far worse. +1 from me. Have a nice day.