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  1. Don't insult Syn!!!!1!11!111!111! He's my Gauleiter thus my hero111!1111 Let me do a Staff Abuse thread rn, I'm so indignant.
  2. +1 I tried to join the RuSHA just the week before it got removed . It'd be a nice add to the game RP, a really good idea to take it back.
  3. If I'm not wrong, he was an Event Planner, I partecipated to some of his events, they were really well made. A good moderator in the past, so why not, his application is cured in details. Plus I had the chance to meet him multiple times in game, a very good person, hard working previously in the 1.SS, now in OrPo. +1
  4. Seems a well-organized and a funny custom job, provided that it doesn't become a mingy group., or inactive like every other custom job. Imho, is a NEUTRAL / + 1
  5. Absolutely the little gummy bears (except from the pineapple one, too acid imho)
  6. Tic tacs are quite good, the only little problem for me is that you need to eat 30 candies before feeling the taste and having something to swallow that's not like a medical pill.
  7. A very very respectable member in 1.SS, had the occasion to talk with him a couple of times, very competent and has a lot of temper, imho a good mod. For me is a +1 Amtsleiter Hermann Wernicke
  8. Which Rank/tag do you need: Plat VIP What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): Hermann Wernicke
  9. During my months here in the NSDAP, since September 13th, he's been my mentor along with all the other COs. In my opinion, he's very competent both OOC and IC, always willing to help people if they need so. He's active in Berlin, so for all these reasons I'm pretty sure he'll be a good staff member as he is an excellent Ortsgruppeneleiter and a good friend. For me is a well deserved +1 Amtsleiter H. Wernicke
  10. For me is a huge +1 And I'm not speaking as his friend, I'm speaking as his boss, seeing him on everyday as NSDAP NCO. He's very competent, always active, tending every day to help people surrounding him, like his colleagues, and sometimes giving also really good suggestion to the CO team, like many ideas for new events or how to make the Hauptamt a better place. Sadly, I can speak only as a close worker with him, in the Party, so I cannot pronounce myself about his life in other regiments. Nonetheless my life philosophy (learned the hard way) is that everyone deserves a second chanc
  11. Hello to everyone, I know Abt since he was in NSDAP, and he's one of the most hard-working person I've ever met, always punctual and very keen on every duty I've ever assigned him. Even if he has a low playtime, I'm sure he has learnt everything he needs to become a good staff member, otherwise he wouldn't have applied for it. For these reasons, it's a +1 from me. Hermann Wernicke