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  1. +1 is an alpha chad unlike the current discord janitors who are filled with IRL insecurities
  2. +1 Literally this, just permatier this nigga already. Lmao, ruleplay
  3. Erm, please do not confuse guarding a wall for 8 hours with farming cabbages for 8 hours (jk we larped as orpo), thanks.
  4. Denied Still hasn't been 3 years, anyways by the end of the summer 23 warns should be removed, the majority of them were issued during July and August.
  5. Accepted You'll be given a second chance, don't blow it.
  6. Accepted You'll be unbanned, but it's gonna take some time to remove a bunch of warnings, since your compiled 50 during the time you've played in. Read the rules before re-joining.
  7. Accepted Here's your second chance so don't blow it. Read the rules before you connect again. Enjoy.
  8. Accepted You were banned for NITRP back in January, nevertheless welcome back, don't forget to read the server rules prior to rejoining it. Enjoy