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  1. Stop roasting me kthx

  2. Calm down nigs, it's Ramadan, and I'm here to remind you about this.
  3. I am a muslim bruv, ate mormons and christians. I swear.
  4. I quite frankly, want to yell at Syn. He is the biggest ret*rd of the community.
  5. Just to clarify, that's not true. What the staff member did was against the server rules.
  6. +1 After having worked under you previously in the Gestapo, I can tell that you are very competent and mature. Your staff application is also well written and detailed. You probably know a good amount of the ULX commands, as well as how to navigate through the blogs, due to your previous staff experiences. With all of that being said, I wish you the best of luck.
  7. Please leave me alone, I need to guard the MB or I will ragequit garry's mod WW2 RP.
  8. If you have no idea about what happened, then there's no need to comment about it, what he did was not against the rules. -1 , you broke a server rule, and it's practically just a tier 1 warning. The security staff member in question also didn't disrespect you.
  9. It seems like you're twisting Baron's words here, considering the fact that he did not say what you claimed he said. And the video (at least the other one) clearly shows you breaking fearRP and failing to abide to orders whilst being gunpointed.
  10. You weren't banned for killing the Reich official, you just LTARPed (left to avoid RP).
  11. The second warning went through due to chat lag, however the SMT is aware and they will remove the warning as soon as they can.
  12. Hahahhahha, I didn't know that Palestinian patriotic music is now considered to be terrorist music, thanks for letting me know. Ps: credits to @Leopold Appesfor appreciating this song and playing it on TS.
  13. @Josef KleinerHonestly shut up at this point. You got unbanned and you said you'll change but you're still acting like an absolute retard. As for the unban request itself, -1. In-game radios are to be used for IC purposes only, and I can see why the staff member would issue a Tier 2 here, as your messages were completely mingey and do not have any place in this Serious RP server.
  14. I mean, you could in some way. But you can't build some DarkRP type bases in the streets.