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  1. You can use game tracker and search for your steam name, and find out when you first joined. Link to the WW2 Gametracker page :
  2. -1 Your historical context is focused on the allies' side of the war, which may be an issue since you show that you lack knowledge of a very important part of the server. And question 4 of the staff scenarios was answered incorrectly, you can't just remove peoples' whitelists unless you have permission to do so, otherwise it could be counted as ACA (admin command abuse). Most of your questions could have had more detail, but other than that, I must agree that you have been a pain in the ass in staff sits. You have always said that you'll "speak to Harland" which not only proves that you'r
  3. Could you please add your discord ID? Edit: -1 from me. Posting isis executions isn't just "being a dick" it's much worse.
  4. -1 You just got unbanned today, and from your warn record, it's pretty obvious that you keep on breaking the server rules after getting unbanned. I doubt that you actually took the time to read the server rules, this situation could have easily been avoided if you actually took your time to read them.
  5. Hello I was there while Stellman had changed his pm, then rescaled himself to your side. It clearly did not match your size, that was the main reason behind the warn. That was not included in the video.
  6. -1 Slots are full, embassies are useless and die very quickly. Also, as mentioned above embassies are quite good in events, rather than having them as an actual job and filling a custom group slot when there is no need to.
  7. If that's the case then I agree with the unban. But let's wait for @Norbert Heinrichto reply and confirm this. About this part, you broke NLR. It doesn't matter how long you stood in the zone though. Edit : after talking to Norbert, he stated that he never killed you "accidentally" also, I just remembered that you had mentioned the fact that you had been breaking NLR in the OOC chat, then you proceeded by going back to your NLR zone.
  8. @Josef Kraz The Kaserne is an AFK room pretty much, but it's an IC area still. So no, not everyone would be banned. Unless they are in a case like this, where they go AFK in an RP situation.
  9. -1, It wasn't just a few seconds. We tried to get your attention for around 20 seconds when you were guarding. I arrived at the MOI in RP to just see you AFK and not opening the gate. @[WW2] Dr Baron von Keller and @Norbert Heinrichwere there to see this, after that we also took you to the MOI roof for another 30 seconds and you still did not respond, even after we had tried firing some shots to get your attention. Just because people get away with rule breaks doesn't mean that we will ignore the rule breakers we see, and not enforce the rules on them. This was not just
  10. +1 To start off I would like to mention that if you had asked, I'd recommend you as well. Anyways, from what I have seen, you managed fix the OrPo and you seem competent in general (IC perspective). I think that you would make a good staff member in general, however some of the answers are lacking in detail and could be improved by just adding some more information to them. Overall, I think that you would make a great addition with your current skills. Good luck.
  11. Neutral / On the +1 side. Despite the fact that you got uncombanned recently, you seem dedicated and have previous staff experience, which means that you probably know how the logs and most ulx commands. Also your activity is outstanding in my opinion, I see you on TS and in-game most of the time. Now about the application, most of your answers are lacking detail, that's the only disadvantage I have seen. Good luck anyways.
  12. Tier 1's are for accidental rule breaks/unintentional, just like this one. I don't really see a point in your warn removal. -1
  13. -1 I checked the logs and saw a video which showed you VDMing 3 people on the sidewalk near the PD. You then left 2 minutes after so I added the LTAP as well. You're also lying here since I'm pretty sure you spoke after VDMing them, you asked the OrPo a question.
  14. @Lucas Mainz Kasernierte Polizei was removed but oh wait, you're not an active member within the other platforms used by the community.
  15. That's not the actual meaning, I assume that your brain which possesses the IQ of any room's temperature came up with this conclusion. Congratulations, you have officially provoked a staff member within this thread. (or at least tried to) Here, you give another statement which shows how useless it would be. That's not the case but ok... I seriously don't know where you got that from. Syn himself has gotten it removed for a reason. I don't think that the Scalleta - Gestapo, GD (original GD) - 1.SS rivalries were considered to be RP. If you look at all of these no
  16. The current state of the server is proving this to be wrong. The 1.SS has retained its role, due to the Kasernierte Polizei getting removed. You also can't compare agencies and regiments... No need to have faith here.
  17. -1 Literally useless on the server due to the existence of the RSHA. I don't think that it will even be able to function properly. Will probably shut down 2 days after it gets accepted (hopefully not).
  18. -1 I'd like to start of by saying that the amount of times you deleted and re uploaded the application just shows how indecisive you are. You got 3 tiers in your staff week as Lewic said, and caused drama after you got PKed. Your previous unprofessional behaviour and immaturity is the reason behind my -1. Good luck anyways. Schneider
  19. -1 The reason behind my -1 would be the fact that you have some mistakes within the app, and another thing that I will get onto later. So, you said that PassiveRP isn't essential for the RP, however if that is the case then the server would be a CombatRP server, which is not the case in most SeriousRP servers. You also failed to give enough detail on Tier II warnings as mentioned by Scheppert. You have also been community banned previously, which makes your loyalty to the community questionable as you had just gotten the unban about 1-2 months ago. My advice for you would be to wait for a
  20. Name: Johan SchneiderTS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: 5Qdkfglgbf6E/2XWRRRD+wbXJiY=Requested Medal: Community service medal. Evidence: Information: I have included my first screenshot of the server which was taken a few days after joining (under the name ben dohrer which I used first), as well as a warn from the 16th of December if that is not enough. I have reached and surpassed the rank of moderator and Hauptsturmfuhrer (requirements). And just like some others, doing this a few days early as I am sure that I have joined during last
  21. -1, The banning staff member came to an Executive Administrator, and 2 Administrators before taking a decision, he told us about the reason which sounded extremely stupid, therefore making it invalid.
  22. -1 No evidence, listing 2 different staff members and 1 possible user. Even though the staff abuse is about 1 person.
  23. Neutral What you and your friends did during the summer was pure mingery, I think that you should wait for a month or two before making an unban request. Also, the fact that you got promoted in SWRP does not have anything to do with this, and does not change the fact that you had harassed a NRP Administrator after getting permanently banned from the server by him. I also see some special kids who claim that they were in the Gestapo with you while they can't even spell the word properly, great comedians. Anyways on the bright side, I can agree with what John said, "He'd be risking his sta
  24. -1 If I can remember 1 thing about you, that thing would be the fact that you are a constant rule breaker who would get banned almost every time after joining the server. So yeah, I don't think you will last long on the server without getting banned. My advice for you would be to wait a couple of months before making another unban request.
  25. Hello, I'm quite sure that I was the admin who banned you, but moving on, I had told you to stop promoting LGBTQ and the other things you did due to the fact that you were clearly trying to provoke the members of the server. You did not stop even after 2 warnings (which I gave in the OOC chat) and continued chatting in the OOC chat. I got you to a sit and banned you permanently for ignoring staff, the reason for that would be the fact that this ban is your 7th, meaning that it would have to be a permanent one. I personally think that your ban should stay a little longer as you have clearly tri