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  1. Neutral Good playtime Past high ranks Currently not holding a high IC rank
  2. Name: FerghhTS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: W2DHz3ERCt+T866qtWwMbQ59qwY=Requested Medal: 1 Year Service MedalEvidence:Extra Information: I got 104th Commander in SWRP
  3. +1 Great lad High rank Good playtime
  4. +1/Neutral Seem like a nice guy, backed up with all other +1s. Solid app However: Recently just rank transferred Low playtime Good luck though
  5. +1 good guy everything else stated
  6. +1 Good guy. Good Activity/Playtime. No problems in 327th.
  7. +1 mad lad would be a great batt
  8. +1 good guy has played a lot of clone previously aswell as jedi just got HC indicating he is competent
  9. +1 seems like a sound lad one of best applicants so far
  10. +1 sound good activity has shown dedication to getting ep sand