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  1. he is a hacker i got proof and he is black smh and he corrupted poor syn please +1 this topic so Harland can see this
  2. there was like 3 staff members at that time, they should have warned them.
  3. -1 there is /looc and /wlooc this could have been easily avoided no need, even though you are helping if they guy doesn't now how to read chat for some reason sure you could take him some place were not everyone will hear you, but yeah the rule is meant to prevent people taking about there hentai addiction in plaza and say "ITS OOC BRO ITS OOC BRO !" just use /LOOC or /WLOOC.
  4. +1 from my side i love this and want to see how it plays out, now the problem from KC side if you dont get not angry at KC for supplying or giving stuff to the SJBO that's cool and we can also trade with you and get money, money, purple . i would love to see how KC will/if have a role in the fight between SJBO and IF.
  5. +1 this chad from NRP, trusted, veteran and a good Person
  6. -1 ok jokes aside you good person that bullies serbs so +1
  7. gay -1 !!!! ok lets stop being childish you good staff +1 you good person +1 "when you were staff you gave me a warning smh so i will -1" half of the -1s atm ahh i probly can get proof on every staff member abusing in V5/V6 so your point that he abused is basically eh abuse = bad, but 90% of staff do it. over all you were a amazing staff member working hard with you trying to get staff all the time your determent and wont mess up again so +1
  8. me personally idk anyone who used VPNs and gotten in trouble, but its still a risk of getting caught with 1 and using it in a haram full way this is the list of things not to do with VPNs you can use 1 but if you are using 1 to enter a blocked website or app you can get in big trouble and there is a "cyber police" in the country that will probly tab into your phone. the country is full of corruption and shady shit so yeah just telling you.
  9. you now its illegal to use VPNs in the UAE if you are using a VPN to enter a blocked thing