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  1. RP Character name/s: Hendrik Scheppert Steam Name: KyleNL Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:60610722 Age when applying: 19 What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone?: The Netherlands CET/UTC+2 Can you speak and type English fluently?: Yes, both. Current total game-time on the server (type utime_enable 1 in the console if you can't see your game time): 5w 2d 13h 14m and counting IC Rank(s) & OOC Donation Rank(s) on WW2-RP: IC: Untersturmführer of the Sicherheitsdienst OOC: Platinum VIP/PAC3 Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type
  2. Name: Hendrik ScheppertTS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: xK8xa10TQ9/aFmG9ozS8Qw1ux0Y=Requested Medal: Veteran Service MedalEvidence: https://imgur.com/a/sPAotAm Extra Information: /
  3. I was 'on my keyboard' for the whole time I was guarding(RP) got my ice cream prior to guarding.
  4. Please no need for profanities, I was just explaining the situation from my side. You as a high value prisoner seeing I was the only RSHA guard sought it fit to keep you shackled.
  5. Hello and good evening good sir, To begin I appreciate the 'positive' feedback on how I do my job. However I do not believe it to fair to me to claim I am the reason you were banned. Furthermore I am not obligated at all to answer you IC when I do not feel like it. IC I was not even aware of the exact reason and was ordered by Leopold Appes to put you under protective custody. To continue to your bann. I am not one to be hurt quickly by petty insults so your words, I do not mind. However I support the bann made by Johan Schneider. I witnessed you talking with Jo
  6. A lot has already been said. I concur with it. I would also like to add that he is not stuck in his own NSDAP 'bubble', He reaches out to other branches of the the sever like the GD. Meaning he is also known outside of the NSDAP. Active on Heer discord to get more known withing the Wehrmacht too. I see this as a good thing to get yourself more known and shows effort in getting to known more of the entire server. Overall +1
  7. Alright thanks for clearing a lot of the stuff up. Sorry I confused two names regarding the void message. Good that you warned the prop minger, good riddance. Arguments about fortress stills stands. You say you meant building a camp following the rules but you called it a fortress in your own reply and in the video you can see one pretty big prop already being spawned. I find it odd you come with the actual rule about GR camps after I point it out and change your wording from building a fortress to building an allowed camp. If you really meant camp in accordance with the rules why
  8. -1 on unwarn request Warn itself mostly are valid on the account of ignoring staff. I would however like to add that the conduct of Landa is this situation is in my eyes questionable. To start there were 20 people in the server. You IC decided to and I quote: So how would 5 resistance be able to build a fortress in the forest next to the city of Berlin? How would 5 people even get a hold of the resources needed without people noticing? Sounds a bit like a sketchy RPing, might even go as far as saying its failRP. To continue, you also fr
  9. +1 -Has previous experience -Is well know -is competent -When he is SOD he is not on his HC job, meaning I have to follow his orders less.(joke)
  10. Neutral 1. I assume you were on your Leutnant job and I do not accept public minge behavior as a GD CO. If you were playing as a CO and being a minge you will be punished for this. 2. I believe if Eric was innocent I believe he should make an un-warn request.
  11. Which Rank/tag do you need: PlatVIP and PAC3 What is your RP Name on the server(only use one):Hendrik Scheppert Evidence (A image of your name ingame with the said rank, or a image of yourself on the old forum. Do not post sensitive information such as emails/PayPal payments please: https://gyazo.com/52e384a3ba47c5500363da18e2b397f4