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  1. +1 I really like the concept of turning Foundation members against each-other in a way that gives them a lot of freedom in how to go about it (as opposed to just "bad thing possess your brain now you must kill"), and I also like the more subtle approach to introducing the event. Also had nothing but good experiences with you in game and your knowledge around the building tools would lend itself well to making varied events.
  2. Make another submission (or edit this one) using the template here, or else the unban request gets automatically denied
  3. Pretty sure that's Roblox my guy, this is a Garry's Mod SCPRP server
  4. +1 Active, friendly, follows rules, chill person
  5. +1 Great app, lovely guy, no warns, plus GROMIT MUG
  6. Yeah I totally get what you're saying, it's just one of those things that you've gotta suspend a bit of logic for I guess. Just for the record, I don't think you should be punished over it or anything I see where your logic was coming from
  7. If you read into the lore, SCPs 173 and 096 would never ever be kept at the same site, and the O5 Council members wouldn't be allowed anywhere near anything slightly anomalous (just as 2 examples). Obviously for gameplay reasons, some logical liberties need to be taken otherwise the server would be a total borefest.
  8. In a world that includes things such as "orange blob that makes happy", "coffee machine that dispenses anything", "teddy bear that can make functioning organs out of stuffing", and "BIG FUCKING LIZARD", someone changing their physical appearance is where the line gets drawn? +1 (but I don't think a punishment is appropriate), if every game mechanic was taken literally and nobody payed heed to the SPIRIT of the rule, then we'd just be NRP 2.0
  9. -1 The application is lacking in detail which makes me feel that you don't fully grasp the specific duties of the HoMD. Maybe try and provide some examples of things that the HoMD in specific supplies and to whom.
  10. Neutral A bit more information would be useful, such as roughly how long ago you were banned (to some people, 2 months is "long ago", whereas others may consider "long ago" to be more akin to a year+), what props you spawned (if you can remember, as there's a difference between spawning a few too many cups and spawning giant mingey props), and as @spooky boi said, some more information on your other bans and warns.
  11. +1 Nothing that hasn't been said already. It would clear up the Foundation comms, would allow security to have a bit more organisation, and would also be helpful to new players who may get overwhelmed by messages in Foundation comms and perhaps miss an important security message.
  12. +1 without even needing to think about it Haven't got a bad word to say about any interaction I've had with you both in and out of game. Always polite and helpful, and is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the server, from the "surface level" stuff (such as more obscure rules/mechanics) to the more technical stuff such as the toolgun and building.
  13. A very easy +1 Application is well detailed, shows a clear understanding and knowledge of the server, and is also very well written. I can't say that I've had a huge amount of interaction with him in game, but from the small handful of times that I have, he's a very friendly, helpful member of the server who would be an asset to the staff team.