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  1. -1 Other all stated it above. Don't know you to well personally, but it seems your attitude is a problem. Fix the attitude and I'm sure all will be well.
  2. +1 #bring back Barry 2021 It's Barry, best events always
  3. Neutral/+1 I don't know you too well, but all is stated above.
  4. +1 High Rank Super detailed app, love it.
  5. Neutral/-1 Your clone side has good thought, but you could change a lot of things to make it more detailed. Jedi side needs more information, a solid understanding of what they are doing would be nice. (my own APP for jedi wasn't the best either) When making your app, don't be nervous, just think of anything you would love to see happen while you're a clone and put it down as an idea. Has shown expression in seriously wanting EP and with guidance I think could be very good. Good lad, and good playtime.
  6. -1 I wasn't even on the server but I know the context. Cheating is cheating, and it was followed by lies to multiple staff members and RC. Trust comes a long way and the server though just a game is also a place for everyone to meet new people and having trust is a huge part.
  7. Neutral Love ya dude, but JH summed it up, it seems a bit complicated to a point where it wouldn't work. I do like the idea though. Just think a lot just needs to be changed to be manageable.
  8. -1 Good guy, but your app lacks many things. You have the right idea, but you need to make improvements for the future.
  9. +1 Victor is a good lad with a multiple high rank experiences. Playtime is great Detailed app Fried rice eater
  10. +1 The man puts work into CT and it shows with his rank and T EXO experience Your plan is very detailed and I liked how you took something that's done often and put your own spin into it.
  11. Neutral Good guy High playtime I agree that you could put more into your app. As Bongo said, it's very basic and I think you could take your idea and double it in complexity to make it sound more exciting.
  12. +1 Great details High Rank Good lad Huge boulder
  13. Neutral Same stuff that Bongo said.
  14. Huge +1 This has been something I've been wanting added for a while. It gives diversity to every regiment as well as more to work towards as he said with even more fun to the server. I think this would be absolutely amazing for the players and beneficial to the server.
  15. Major +1 Key is one of the best people on the server and truly shows that he wants staff. He gives a lot to his regiment and would do the exact same for staff. Not to mention he would be a great addition to late night staff being on during that time most nights. The man deserves it.