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  1. A month for RDM? I'm not exactly too sure about that
  2. Here is what i'm thinking about this The video starts with you running, just that. It doesn't show what happened earlier as you could have been in hearing distance and perhaps Wehrmacht shouting for you to stop, but since I don't know exactly what happened earlier i'm just saying what most likely happened. Now, on another hand, they did fire at you which breaks FearRP, however if you were gunpointed before that then it's a bit tricky. It has to be Neutral for me, considering the most essential part of the evidence is not actually there.
  3. +1 Don't think I need to say anything more
  4. Man could cut through rocks with that jawline +1!!!11
  5. I am going to -1 this for the following reasons: - Did you find it extremely necessary to grab water randomly during an IC situation? You could've went outside, sit on a bench, take your water, come back and resume. - You should've known that going afk in an IC situation is punishable and this was just..dumb to do. - What is there to explain? You admitted of going afk in an IC situation. It's like admitting you did a crime to a judge but then "but-but hold on I have some explaining!!!11" While you might be active and a player that enjoys the server you also must understand
  6. From outside PD there are multiple choices to take someone. He could've gone towards the yellow apartments, bridgehouse etc., it wouldn't take make sense for police members in real life to stand in place after one of their colleagues dissapeared thinking "damn now we can't find him". Honestly, I cannot really give out a +1 since also it wasn't right to raid that exact place since there were multiple places they could've gone in, but I suppose that's not a problem really Neutral
  7. From this point of view it really looks like it's intended VDM and well to everyone that was there, however you can see half of Berlin being an error and the lag is quite a problem when driving. I am giving a +1 for the following reasons: - I did experience the same problem, sometimes the game freezes for a good couple of seconds, fortunately I did not run someone over - You're not really in control when this happens - From what I've seen the warned person is not really here to minge
  8. I'm not sure but warns before 2018 are ignored/removed? Neutral / +1
  9. As previously said it's hard to judge, however i'll give this one +1
  10. Apologising won't really help, you should have known that kidnapping a random person just to "Haha let's hang this guy" is a rule-breaker. While your dedication seems good you must understand that punishments are a good way for players to understand the importance of rules and establish a bit of order on the server. For the moment however i'll leave this with a -1. However if the person you kidnapped was a Reich Official then i'd gladly give you a +1 since i've done that myself and it's a fun rp way to humiliate the Reich.
  11. You've made the 3 topics without using the specific template? Well..