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    Does it really matter your banned dont you have like 10 alts?
  2. +1 he waited longer then i expected to make a unban most the warns if am correct are from a while ago only a small amount are from recently speaking, over the time he was in 21st/GM when i was there he wasnt toxic too much but when he was it was mostly a reaction to other people being toxic to him due to him being evilgejf, i know you liked swrp a lot and honestly if people dont hate you your a good guy to speak to. Therefor i belive a second chance is worthy. Also he never came on the server to just minge (talking about in the last year or so). Another point i wanted to say is that Evil always said sorry after doing something stupid at least when i called him out for it which shows he knows what he did wrong and is moving on he really has changed and he knows the warns and real and valid but is just asking for a second chance. As evil requested I'll post all his warns, the is one more at the bottom which is ARDM but i couldnt fit it
  3. This was a idea back when we were setting up the map i dont know if we should use it for that but it should be used for something
  4. Name: AleksTS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: 5cvSnoFVMqhJSJ+2hQoLBrbALeo=Requested Medal: Discord Supporter Evidence: Extra Information: N/A
  5. -1 you did a lot of erp, It's clearly a childhood friendly server where in the rules it clearly states no erotic rp of any sorts, ERP is a serious offence on the server thats why its so long of a ban.You said something later on, on the lines of "Oh well it wasnt taught in cadet training" thats cus cadet training teaches you most IC stuff while OOC rules are on the forums and for you to read them in your own time. "/me bends over" - we all know altho clearly not anything erotic we know in what way you meant it "CT PVT Olajide Olatunji ➞ Clone Trooper 300 HP user: /me ejaculates in a fountain of cum" "CT PVT Olajide Olatunji ➞ Clone Trooper 300 HP user: /me agressively masturbates" Then from what i was told you also did some other things i dont have evidence for The running away from sit is just stupid it shows even more you werent following rules You also got arrested for stuff like relasing cadets that were most likely your friends (or just something you wanted to do to mess about) even after being told not to do this, this shows even more being mingy from your side.
  6. +1 Very active recently got ARC shows that hes good was good staff in the past
  7. +1 Active High ranks in both jedi and clone Some very nice answers
  8. +1 Active Many high ranks in both current and past knows his stuff on staffing Answers to questions are okay could be better But he was a nazi soooo........
  9. +1 Very Good playtime Reached decently high ranks in both clone and jedi Answers to questions are okay (could be better) My experience with you altho little is very postive Really seems dedicated to the server The 250 word part is 255 which seems like you just made it the bare minimum so you dont have to do extra or you just ran out of ideas to put. Even tho you havent had staff experience you can learn easily.
  11. Which Rank/tag do you need: SWRP Admin What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): OS Commando F68 Aleks Evidence (A image of your name ingame with the said rank, or a image of yourself on the old forum.
  12. +1 Event plan nice, past EP, plays both jedi and clone so knows what both sides want , his past events were great
  13. If am correct if you got a workshop link you can pay harland for a custom one like her
  14. +1 3up he didnt really do much, he didnt mean to fuck anything up