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  1. Is that the only acount you have had that was played or tried to play the server becuase i searched up your steam ID in the banned people section in game and your steam id is no where to be found and if you gave us the correct steam profile it should of come up.
  2. Neutral You are a have been high ranks in the past and did very well in the past within those ranks and am sure you would do well in EP But The event is basic done so many times I belive if you apply for EP to stand out you should try and make something different or even just make some dupes to make it different you just added a little bit on to make it some what different. Also the EC spawn in last stand on the right if the line you drew is the way they are meant to run the is a invisble wall half way down the right so they cant walk that way you would have to spawn them on the otherside or something.
  3. Neutral I see ETs and NCOs living longer because of the 200 shields and could have more fun because of that. I still die even with 200 shields and so do a lot of people I see if EP can balance event well shouldnt be a problem EC's would probs be a bit more enjoyable without
  4. Name: Aleks TS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: 5cvSnoFVMqhJSJ+2hQoLBrbALeo= Requested Medal: Ellite Sliver Merit Evidence: Extra Information: Got SA so upgrade please, currently on 1st class
  5. Which Rank/tag do you need: SWRP Super Admin What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): OS Commando F68 Aleks Evidence:
  6. He is i've seen him wearing furry pacs and admitting to doing furry stuff end of story.
  7. -1 As much as i understand the point it will make EC maybe a bit more fun but I love my GH so no please
  8. +1 wookie is op making it a rule to be enforced is easy simple any one with them gets verbal warning and it happens gain just warn them.Also ya if you do think about it shield doesnt make sense for wookies. The GH is not really needed they have a jump boost anyway
  9. You forgot to add some stuff like the questions on how you would handle certain sitatuions and why you should be picked for staff
  10. If it was a mistake then fair enough but how do you post 2 full on porn henti pics in CE discord and then a link to another picture which i was told was also henti, I was sent evidence of what you posted was pretty fucked ngl so be more carful what you post and where.
  11. You kept running out of the cadet area many times after told not and got kicked for it came back and did the same
  12. Name: Aleks TS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: 5cvSnoFVMqhJSJ+2hQoLBrbALeo= Requested Medal: 2 Year service medal Evidence: Extra Information: Screenshots of my cadet training and showing when i first joined the server
  13. This was denied so many times its not happening because you already have the grapple hook which is good enough and not even 501st so + have it if 21st get it why not 41st why not everyone Fyi when i say denied i mean this same suggestion was denied by SMT & HC about 5+ times when i was in GM/21st Also did you even talk to hierarchy about changing their regiments equiment before suggesting this?
  14. +1 Trojan has come back and has been very active in the server once again, back when hes was battalion he was an actually good battalion with good leading activity and performance as battalion, he has pretty much been in every regiment in the server even newer ones like 104th so knows all about them and stuff.