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  1. Aleks


    GM dont need a tank but his just saying the one at LFS has is really good
  2. +1 if this works would be amazig as shadows are very annoying some times
  3. LTAP means you were probally in brig or AOSed and you left the server to avoid punishment (Leaving To Avoid Punishment) LTAP & ARDM is you tried to kill someone for no reason (Attempted Random Death Match) ARDM so it seems you did do something wrong
  4. If you try and join the server of course on the account you were banned (this is important so console doesnt think your trying to bypass ban) on it should say how long your banned for and why your banned
  5. +1 Same thing with GC and 501st ARC
  6. Neutral has reached high ranks and is very active due to the fact your young dont want to be rude but i dont think some people will like you on voice amp (sorry how it is) plus you might not be as mature as others
  7. +1 I think youll make a great battlaion If you think the state of DU will be fine when you leave then we must take your word for it
  8. +1 yes please make me look at something different and also add joes other ones from the past suggestion
  9. Aleks


    I think this says it all
  10. Aleks

    RRM Models

    Neutral same as blaster
  11. +1 Its like myself being a jedi ACE which i am and not being able to spawn ARC-170's V-Wing and V-19 as they are my main equiment and most of the time i need them fast if i want to do something same with GC ARC they may need them quick sometimes and no matter what there are times were staff are slow altho not that it happens a lot
  12. +1 excat same with GC ARC speeder your only vehicle you have access to as ARC so no reason not to have it