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  1. -1 - Clearly a bad fit for O5 - Full of himself - Furry - Degenerate (See reason above) - Whines (See below) - Powerhungry You're a bad man.
  2. +1 - Solid app - Can RP realisticly in-game
  3. Apologies, I didn't realize you were the application manager
  4. Doesn't matter if it works for you or not, in the O5 app page it states that O5-13 is an invalid subject
  5. There are only 12. O5-13 is used as a vote tiebreaker
  6. I see, but seeing that you've still always kept infosec, it's a +1 from me
  7. +1 Has common sense. Also a good app and person, but it's rare to find a gmod player with common sense
  8. Your negativity towards absolutely everything is truly disgusting. +1 Pros: - Good app, well detailed - Shows understanding on how to keep things from getting out of hand - I've seen this guy in game a few times and he RPs very well and realistic Cons: - Never seen him on more than a few times but then again, I'm EST, it's probably time zone issues
  9. +1 Pros: - Clearly dedicated - Decent app - Was playing A1 in the screenshot, so he has an understanding of what O5 is and how to keep info about them secure. (infosec) Cons: - Never saw him on any Foundation Administration jobs before, but I'm sure that's just a timing issue. All in all, I support this guy getting the SD whitelist.
  10. Considering you posted this at around 6 AM my time, it could be a time zone issue.
  11. Your app is really under-detailed, and I have no idea who you are. -1 for the following reasons: Bad grammar Incorrect amount of O5 Council members Insanely under-detailed app. You literally have 2 sentences in every section.
  12. +1 Great app Just seems to be an amazing fit for the job He's a great guy Like Jesus fucking Christ this guy is amazing hire him on the spot HoMD yes