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  1. So he doesn't play Garry's Mod, how come he commented on your ban appeal
  2. I want to know which game you found him in
  3. So you claim you found him on another game, which game and maybe you can provide a link to his profile?
  4. So what your saying is that he commented then you found him on another game and became friends?
  5. So he commented here after you became friends?
  6. When you join the server, in the loading screen it says you can't advertise.
  7. nice group manager tag? wana co own the teddy bear wl with me????? {invite to epic bear man managment 2020)


    1. Didde


      i am accepted your're invite to freddy fazbear managment 2021

  8. cen I heve SPC-1048 teady bare witelisd?

    1. Didde


      yes if iam having IC öperativetion

    2. Kvisten
    3. Didde