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  1. just wanna point out, i was never tricked into believing it was only worth 10k. just was getting a bit of good rep in my early salesman days thanks for the positive tho
  2. In-Character-Section What is the purpose of Alpha-1?: The purpose of Mobile Task Force ALPHA-1 also known as the Red Right Hand, is to be used in situations that require the most elite and loyal foundation security members. The task force is made up of the best of the best. Reporting only to the O5 council. Primarily guarding and keeping the council members safe. What can you contribute to the Task Force?: I can contribute my loyalty and various combatant experience to the force, I can work well independently but also in a team. I will put foundation members lives before my ow
  3. forcing buddies to make my apps.. how?
  4. ima bump so i dont go to the scary second page
  5. yes idk how u could even get denied on the easiest app ever
  6. is this... a joke? : / this app is just, very bad. there is literally no detail and... are you even english?
  7. shut. go beg ppl to rp buying guns
  8. Site Director Application By Oliver Crisp In Game Name: Oliver Crisp Steam ID: 0:1:472089177 Age: 15 In Game Time: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2451646195 here's a link to ss cos its not sending here for some reason Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: Although only getting the job recently, I have spent lots of my time on HOEA since getting the whitelist. I have played lots as a Site Advisor (although this is not that high of a position, I believe it still should have some recognition.)
  9. yeah ive never seen you before either, have you played other leadership roles often? as ISD isnt really an equivalent to SD