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  1. It already got suggested and denied on Discord I think
  2. "Now to repent for your sins you're going to the top of the map"
  3. +1 Promising management + E-14 used to be pretty cool
  4. +1 Personally I like Bjorn, he's a really good guy to play around with, one month ban just for doing a /me of "firmly grabs your big round volomptuous ass" isn't ban worthy nor is the ERP that you had between yourself and Cal
  5. Out-Of-Character Section In-Game Name(s): Benny Wickers SteamID: STEAM_0:0:119456821 In-Game Level: 50 Playtime (Minimum 3 Days): Around 3 weeks, can't give specific time as I can't get on the server. Amount of Warns (Max 5, Exceptions Can be Made): 4 warns for Suicide to avoid RP, Fear RP, Returning to raid as CI after NLR and using glitches as advantage. Have you ever been severely punished before? Why? (3 day+ Bans) Currently serving my 7 day ban which will expire on the 16th of April for using glitches in my own advantage. (I know that my ban play
  6. Your name in-game: Benny WickersYour SteamID: STEAM_0:0:119456821Admins' name that banned you: NorraAdmin's steamID: I don't knowWhy did you get banned?: "Breaking Fear RP - Entity abuse (Using suit in disguise & using comms after suit off)Evidence(Un-necessary): Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: Because I got banned for something I wasn't even aware of, to explain my situation, I was at PD with Bob Curtis and his PD, and on TS I got called out because Nu-7 was apparently raiding bank and there might be sarkics, I was in my civilian uniform at that time. After removing my civilian d
  7. Why are you trans

    1. Nathan Kennedy
    2. Benny Wickers
    3. Nathan Kennedy

      Nathan Kennedy

      I flipped a coin though and won so i should be fine