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  1. nutral/+1 good guy/grate EP but only just getting into the NCO+ after a while atfer leaving CT
  2. +1 this Guy is one of the most dedicated person iv see when it come to reg and he ppl in the he did everything in his power for his reg so mutch it took a tole on his irl like withc i can relate iv never seen any one as dedicated to a reg {besides me JK} then this guy if he could he would sell his soul for the boys in the reg. he really dose descerv it hes tryied so hard and so mutch for the reg to the point he left coz he felt he failed the reg and the ppl in it. u really coulnt as for somone better actice frendly nice never done a shit thing is willing to ask for help if neede and willi
  3. -1 look man u just came back u don't have the best rep and u know y . I think u can change if 74th ok u r good at the game but rn not for staff I don't even think I am. So maybe get a better rep and stay this time
  4. Neutral havent taled to u mutch r at all i cant remober so i cant say on that and i personly would like if u had more game time coz it dose help but u seem nice and others say so to but batt is not just about being nice so it would be good to see more of u