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  1. The reasoning behind the change was so it encouraged RP instead of CI sniping an MTF and taking the comms on the ground. If you already had him in cuffs, you're more likely to "passive RP" . And yes, while not the focus, it did mean comms were always compromised.
  2. This topic again? Well, i understand your confusion when shooting through doors seem rather unfair or not the RP you were wishing for, i think you should keep in mind that the "attackers" are burning through their ammunition when doing so. Additionally, you can also hide behind a thick prop to not get hurt. They'll bleed their ammunition dry, so you can finish them off hopefully. If this is seen as a issue or problem for SMT, im sure they can figure out a solution or rule to stop this problem.
  3. Door cant be fixed, but the walls can If SMT sets up some bulletproof invisible props on the sides of the door, then you can no longer be shot there. But that's about it.
  4. I understand it can be seen as cheesy that; Nu-7 sees someone run faster than them, but only slightly, calls it suspicious. But remember, they "sort of" have a good reason for it. They've trained and still train to be in peak condition at all times, carrying heavy gear as well they know how fast they can mobilize. Then seeing someone carry equally as much as them running past them, sort of makes one wonder. But then again, it's only slightly. Just hold ALT to slow walk, otherwise Foundation is going to give a reason to be suspicious on you.
  5. What Infiltrator is supposed to be: Double agent, leaking information and informing other CI operators of the situation on Site. What Infiltrator actually was: Ha ha, I shot you. I was CI dummy. So, to lower the odds of someone going "bang bang CI here" giving them weapons just and only just for self defence, has allowed infiltration to be forced onto the path of passive RP. Which is nice, And unfortunately, seeing as you didn't like the change, would I be so bold to assume you are a connoisseur of combat RP?
  6. Step 1. Become Civ Step 2. Get a Pistol Step 3. Own a door Step 4. Sell antiques Step 5. Hire security Step 6. Apply for a political position Step 7. Profit. With you local business backed by the PD, having security and a gun yourself. You are a successful business owner. Alternatively, Step 1. Don't do any effort and suggest a job so you can play that instead.
  7. I fucking hate 1370 I despise its existence with my whole body But SCP'S arent always enjoyable. And 1370 reminded us that we contain even the most annoying of all +1 I want an SCP to be fuming with anger about.
  8. ERP is vague Rape is the limit of ERP. But when the rule was made, it was more pointed towards kisses on chins and ass grabbing. Not female alien having raw sex with a Male. Maybe a better described rule of ERP would suffice. By specifically mentioning where the ERP is allowed and not to would help. And I am amazed Henry of all my characters have gotten so well known in just a few days while my other Wildfire character who was around for like 11 weeks still isn't fully known. That means ERP is such a foreign RP concept that word spread like wildfires. Just as a note, my characters aren't "prostitutes" but rather exploring the RP of ERP and seeing if it's possible to combine it with regular RP. Fix ERP? Sure, +1 . Protect the innocents!
  9. RP name: Lorex Krato Steam name: Lorex SteamID: STEAM_0:0:67543918 Playtime: Believe i got 20 weeks and 6 days Warnings and how you got them: 1 warn for Meta, Logan agreed the situation was unfortunate, but we both agreed a warn would be a good reminder. 2. Warn for A-RDM, Warned for wanting to help staff stop a rulebreaker, shot 1 bullet. Both warns are old, quite old. What is UIU?: UIU is the Unusual Incidents Unit within the FBI. UIU acts as a secretive organ of the FBI wishing to suppress the anomalous rather than to contain it or combat it. They aid in suppression and relocation to cooperative cases of "can men" which are anomalous humans. Should the UIU encounter a threat beyond their lowly funded department can handle, they call for the Foundation's aid. Saying UIU likes Foundation would be wrong, but that Foundation is a extremely handy "Big Brother" when shit goes beyond the acceptable, letting the big boys deal with them sure helps. Low funds, secretive and a mockingstock, the UIU is one of Americas frontiers into the anomalous world. Acting as the cops of the anomalous world on may occasions. What is Three Portlands?: Three Portlands is an anomalous community hidden from this world only accessible through gates. It has been the hot topic of many criminal anomalous agencies and anomalous manufacturers. Of course, the UIU set their roots in the community at an early stage and benefited from it. With an agreement from the council in Three Portlands, UIU handles most if not all serious crimes in TP while the TPPD handles with relation between the police and public and degression of crime. UIU also utilizes TP as a "shelter" for newly found anomalies as well as TP benefits as a beneficial recruitment ground as many of the applicants possess powers beneficial to the underfunded and mistaken Unusual Incidents Unit. At the end of the day, UIU ensures the secrecy and suppression of any reports of TP reaching non-anomalous residents and people outside the gates. Why do you wish to join UIU?: GOC was "Destroy Destroy Destroy". UIU offers a much wanted passive and relaxed RP to the care and interaction with anomalies. There is no massive "Destroy" objective, but mainly just "Hey dude, how about we teach you how to stay out of sight?". Its a gentle and brimming oppertunity to RP. Having once played UIU before, i'd love to RP it again and keep things "Nice and steady". What makes UIU different from groups like GOC, GRU-P, etc?: Apart from most groups initiative to destroy or contain or use whatever anomalous they come across (or eat). UIU works on suppression and care of anomalies. They shelter them away and are not out to kill them, but to encounter, catalog, hide, and continue. They're the nice guys in this living nightmare.
  10. They are the crayon eaters. The necessary meatshields. While they excell at their task of dying to protect other Personnel, I feel as if that's their only goal.
  11. It's cool and all, but where do I donate to get Platinum VIP in life with benefits and stuff? Kinda boring just being user rank.
  12. Not exactly. Due to Olli's position he is seen as the more trustworthy in this situation. Basically, in an unban, if you can not proove you're innocent, nothing will happen.