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  1. When does SMT review unban applications?
  2. Cheers lad. Dimmy has put the ban reason on the thread if you want to give it a look.
  3. I think so too. I also think it was due to me constantly testing staff by breaking rules and overall being a nuisance.
  4. Server you got banned from: SCP RPYour name in-game: (I cant remember)Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:117485749Admins' name that banned you: (I dont know and can't remember)Admin's steamID: (No idea)Why did you get banned?: There was no reason given on the ban screen (the little text box thing.) But i am certain i was finally banned for prop abuse. and maybe staff impersination as a joke, though i did get warned for it. Evidence(Un-necessary):Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: It's almost been a year since i got banned and i really do want to come back to this server. I did enjoy it and kinda ma