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  1. Hello, Next time could you please change the layout and colouring of your text? Makes it really difficult to read. Kind regards, Mauser
  2. Hello, Your application is well written. You have past experience in the past as being a staff member. You've reached great lenghts within certain regiments and the ranks. Showing your competency, hence I will +1 your app. Goodluck!
  3. You've also been playing since 2018. You've got warns issued against you from that period of time. If you haven't read up upon the rules in a timespan of 3 years whilst "liking" our server so much , that does raise some questions for me.
  4. Hello, I'm the admin that banned you. As you can see from the logs, you tried to ARDM atleast three people. Since you're new, I've issued a ban for new people. Just because you got demoted from a job (due to reasons unknown, I'm sure the people in question that were in charge had their reasons to.) doesn't give you the right to ARDM people. Quite a few people made sits against you, therefor you have been punished accordingly. Especially in spawn. Kind regards, Mauser
  5. Due to the evidence that has been provided by Steinfels I am inclined to say that this is a valid warning. -1
  6. Keep argueing to a minimum as it helps no one's case. Without any evidence there's nothing much we can do and therefor I remain NEUTRAL
  7. Use the template provided in the forum section prior before making a post. -1
  8. Hello Gerder, Due to the nature of the warn/ban. The "incident" in question happened before the "reform," which in my mind is still valid. Therefor, it'll be a -1 on my side. Too soon Kind Regards, Mauser
  9. Hello, The aforementioned sentence alone is more than enough reason for me to completely -1 your request. Lack of sincerity, maturity and shows malicious intent for the player base of the server. Kind regards, Mauser.
  10. Agreed. This is a clear -1 for me on your thread as you've LTAP'd. Just wait out the two days. Kind regards, Mauser
  11. The evidence is substantial and you've supplied a decent ammount of it. It's clear case and easy for me to judge upon. +1
  12. -1 Just because they were violating rules doesn't justify you in doing so. I understand your frustration, but that doesn't mean that you should break the rules yourself in doing so. The ban should stay, the permanent factor however, can be debated. As a SW-EP you should've known better.
  13. Hello, During that time the PD was one giant mingefest of players that had infested the cells. People were continiously, albeit even ignoring my verbal warnings several times, still playing music over their microphones. It doesn't take much thought to realise that "playing music" over your microphone falls under micspam as it doesn't make any sense, whatsoever to have multiple instrumental tones coming out of your "mouth" during an RP-IC perspective. Therefor, you've been banned. My colleague JTA summarized it quite well. Just because someone else commited a violation of the rules
  14. Hello, I would agree with your statement of "joking" around if it was 2021. However, things were far more severe in 1943. I hardly can imagine Heinrich Himmler pulling a funny on Joseph Goebbels by putting a sign "Hah you gay". It is mingery, this is not an "afk" room as the room is still situated in an IC perspective. My previous interaction with you however, I can with certainty say that you're not a minge. Due to the above provided evidence, my hand is forced to believe otherwise. -1 Kind regards, Mauser
  15. Hello Merker, I've seen some very questionable things about you ingame. However, that is not the point at this current time. The warning was given due to the nature of the concept of your fortress. Which looked like it would belong in a darkRP server rather than our household. The ban is correct and shouldn't be removed under any circumstances as you've already received a TIER I warning soon before the ban was issued in itself. Kind Regards, Mauser