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  1. Absolute legend, funny as anything, never seen her mingy in any way. Only thing I have seen is people be horrible to her and then her defending herself. Other then that very helpful and she helped me out on SCP. Very trustworthy +1
  2. Which Rank/tag do you need: Platinum VIP What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): Elias Kuhnt Evidence (A image of your name ingame with the said rank, or a image of yourself on the old forum. Do not post sensitive information such as emails/PayPal payments please: Evidence provided
  3. Personally I think he shouldn't have gotten the punishment he got, since he was compliant, and didn't try to do anything to make it into a bigger situation. I think if he doesn't get unbanned his punishment should at least be lowered a little. I have seen him around and he does make the roleplay fun and make it easy for people to engage in without breaking rules. He also seems to be very self aware and he knows what he did wrong. +1
  4. It was a dumb reason for a ban. Some staff just don't know what they are doing.