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  1. Neutral Your playtime is alright but you did get up to hierarchy in DU and left fairly soon, this may show lack of commitment but from what I know you are pretty decent.
  2. +1 I read your app earlier and after re-reading it i felt it was good and you are pretty good in general. Despite a few problems in EP, Loaf has really stepped up to the task and would be great for battalion. Good luck
  3. +1 Him and loaf are the clear best 2 here. This app is a nice read and ive never had a problem with boss. good lad
  4. Sharp is trusted and a great member of the community, dark rp suits him. On SWRP he is very good at what he does and on HLRP he has reached a solid rank which proves competence. +1
  5. +1 You application was nice to read and your server rep only makes my hope for your application to be accepted greater, you got a great personality and your also a sound lad, one of the best ARCs we've had an now a solid battalion who I could genuinly see ranking up and becoming a further respected rank, which is all you deserve. I've never had a bad encounter with you so best of luck and I would love to see you in staff.
  6. Neutral You have a solid application, and I like you as a bloke, however your past still dwells on you a bit, 2 demotions, 1 from staff and another from High Command. I think your a great applicant so good luck.
  7. +1 Your app is solid, original and was a great read. You are also extremely dedicated to your in-character roles, which means you may be dedicated enough to be active and solid in EP; doing constant events. I also believe you are great at leading, which in my eyes means you can be a great EP and put in great effort.
  8. -1 Very basic event, no effort really. I don't know you too well either but what makes me -1 is the app in general.
  9. Very detailed, smart and well written app. It may be a semi used idea but its a good one and you've put your own twists on it. It may be hard to do but its do-able. I also like the images provided which helps go along with the writing. +1
  10. I need access to see your app, make it public.
  11. +1 Your app is very in depth and you've put a lot of effort into it, which is clear by the amount you have written and the context, story and quality in your writing. I hate how you wrote it tho it looks like a poem.
  12. -1 App is very vague, plan is also very basic. You are competent which is proven by your in-character app. I think you need to take more time into your app, being the first to apply doesn't affect your chances at all.
  13. Recently resigned from 327th and was blacklisted from 501st. I am gonna have to -1 due to commitment. EP requires a certain amount of commitment and showing your past it kinda tampers with it. I think you've massively improved since your time in GC/501st but the blacklist from a regiment may affect you. Maybe should've ranked up in GM before applying.
  14. -1 you need to be more serious, this app isn't the best. try rank up and stay around longer.