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  1. +1 awesome dude Ive even head a rumor that he has a mic.
  2. +1 Good guy, and has previous experience
  3. Neutral I think the experience of previously being batt is good, but as theres only 1 spot I think it should go to someone who's never had the chance before.
  4. +1 Hes a good guy, but cant meme for shit.
  5. +1 Fair and nice I think he would make a great staff.
  6. +1 You have my support, you rub some people the wrong way I think so I would just try to work on that but I think you would make a fine batt
  7. as always I apologise, I had some trouble with thermal dets in the past as a lot of 212th have in their time. they are kinda funky in the delay between clicking and release. We have been doing a lot of nade trainings, and I have been more cognizant of my use. I hope you guys can learn to trust me a bit more in the future.
  8. Out of Character Section Steam Name: Nhoxus Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:73007356 Current rank on the server: Lieutenant Colonel Age: 21 What is your playtime: 2W 2D 21H 48M 10S [At the time of making the App] Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes, I haven't heard any complaints about it. Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes, I keep updated on all the handbooks every week including battalions. Do you meet the requirements: Yes Quick summary about you: I am an American living in Germany, happily married. I am in the pr