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  1. +1 I like larry He is calm and nice to everyone Got ARC and now is battalion and i have no doubts he would do great Definitely worth a shot Good luck!
  2. I mean you pretty much got accepted on SCP and apparently this is a glitch so +1
  3. Your suggestion has been accepted it seems
  4. Ok so During defcon 5, you as a CT can attend CT trainings hosted by a CPL+ for marching trainings, which are marching ariund the base or outside sometimes. And normal trainings (breaching,aim,basic etc) hosted by a CT 2ND LT You can also tryout for another regiments. If you like sniping then join GC, if you like healing then 74th, etc. Simply ask in OOC or in advert using /advert in game for a tryout and people will quickly reply to you and give you one Hope this helps
  5. +1 Active Great guy aswell as mature High rank and really dedicated to EP Good luck!
  6. +1 ngl i like loaf Getting SO is hard in CT. Let alone getting T EXO Good luck man!
  7. Basic Information: Steam Name + Profile link: CEO of racism Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan) Battalion Captain Victor Teamspeak Name: Victor Playtime on the Server: 15W 0D 6H or something like that SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:84944040 Any experience in staffing: No however i know the basic ULX commands for this server Current Age: 16 Warns/Bans: 1 ban almost a year ago for player pulling that was removed a week after showing evidence 1 warning for accidental prop M
  8. Neutral As mentioned above You lied to SMT, darkerblue and jock? in that eval aswell as disrespected all of them when you were told you would get banned I was there in the eval, pain came in shouting at whoever was hacking in which you replied in looc with "lol imagine hacking on gmod" or something along the line. Pain cuffs you, drag you away from the mando and therr they start asking you if you hacked or not, in which you, again lied and lied all over. At the end, after knowing that they caught you, you decided to disrespect all of them and especially jock who was trying with
  9. This is not the unban request we're waiting for Also please use a clear font
  10. +1 Good answers to the question. Past experience as an EP High playtime and rank, also is a cool guy
  11. Ok seriously tho, As mentioned above, if MS didn't do it, 212th would. Yes MS kinda did something wrong but quite ironic for you to make this since you were the only EP i knew who abused the shit out of their ULX powers, resulting in your demotion. The fact that you were a refugee, who decided to build a sandcrawler, in rishi moon as once again, a refugee and not a jawa (could be a non jawa in some cases, but may count as PME idk) Not only is that vehicle failRP for a refugee to have, you built a vehicle that could crash the server Not cool to snitch on MS Also if
  12. Sandcrawler on rishi moon Driving it is a refugee Also silent spitting facts, first line that he said i mean