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  1. +1 Really active Is EP would join the cool EP Battalion team
  2. I was there so guess i'll have to leave a reply here As mentioned above, only an RA+ can give permission for prisoner execution, if not then RC can do it, however this does not mean RC can give permission to others iirc. Anyways. You did infact RPG the explosive tanks that were placed below me, yes you did tell people to leave but you still shot anyways, it's common sense to wait til everyone is out first to shoot, that is if you had permission from an RA in the first place. You killed alotta people so yeah it was a justified ban Also one thing that i hate about this thread is the fact you mentioned people with you and a video that didn't include evidence aswell as people in it, honestly seems like you wanted to get people in shit with you imo
  3. +1 A great guy who would really fit battalion, would be nice to have someone competent, really active, does really well and former commander. Would really love to see you in battalion
  4. -1 No, let them assist, it's really up to the person conducting the raid on whether to allow jedi or not. It's really annoying when people get kidnapped and someone has to send people to get the kidnapped,especially when the pirates are powerful, calling jedi can be really helpful and can teach you a lesson not to do it again Also this is more of jedi HC call whether jedi are allowed to engage in raids or not i assume
  5. +1 Good guy, active and does really well
  6. I advise you getting more knowns
  7. Good man previous IC experiments however only issue is your previous warn
  8. +1 Meme commander Good guy and active worth a shot
  9. +1 Nice guy to talk with, active and a high rank. Will do great as staff