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  1. Would love to see fat jedi force leaping +1
  2. +1 Seems like a cool guy. You have achieved the rank of EXO which shows your commitment. 74th is in a good state so even if you leave you won't effect it much really. However as Barry said you have applied really late but good luck anyways
  3. What What is wrong with this unban request I am getting a heart attack from reading it
  4. +1 Although you are quite young you are actually mature for your age You are mature You are active You are known around the community A kind lad and have achieved the rank of colonel in 501st and now LT COL You may not be the best candidate however I wish you good luck
  5. Name: VictorTS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: xzCx4anJ63EuXyA5h3OHV67IK6o=Requested Medal: Community service medalEvidence: Information: I got a new ts account so i need my medals please, i have also gained the rank of commander in the 327th
  6. Although it's kinda failRP to grapple above a rayshield yes I will add a roof rayshield just in case
  7. A nice lad and will probably do good as EP +1
  8. Lmao Yeah true you literally joined a server who's players roleplay as nazis, Not saying i ain't roleplaying as a clone or anything
  9. +1 -Is decently active -previous/Current high ranks in both jedi and clone -Eats curry which is a big no no but I will let it slide because he calls me power-hungry
  10. +1 Jeka is such a nice lad, I can see that he would be a great battalion in the future, High ranking both jedi and clone, May have been demoted in the past however he has matured ever since, You leaving may effect GM a bit but no big deal, Good luck!