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  1. Dunno man just waiting for him to make a move
  2. I was doing it myself and thats also what Chazzzzz said i was doing in that quote. I was trying to get it into my head so that i would remember. If i really was killing someone that asked me to to be a dick i wouldnt of bothered making an appeal because i would see that i have done wrong. This however is ridiculous. Clearly people dont like me here because of my past so what was even the point in coming back.
  3. You realize this guy is an actual player on the server right and also signed in using his steam account clearly? Hes a 501st
  4. No i dont know the rules very well especially since it was helping someone and he thanked me and even said he asked me to do it. So if i dont know the rules maybe teach me rather than perma ban. This is nothing compared to the shit i used to do and if it were anyone else they would get a slap on the wrist and be fine. This is just you guys ganging up on me because you are making assumptions and were just waiting to get rid of me.
  5. I dont believe ive been given a fair second chance to be honest. I was clearly taking the server seriously and made one slip up. You guys were just waiting for me to slip up and clearly werent keeping an eye on me like you said. I didnt think it was a big deal since barely anyone was on. Its just unfair really. But guess im still a minge.
  6. Literally from 2 years ago but okay
  7. I was just trying to help someone out. I wasnt minging, I wasnt deliberately going around blasting brothers, I haven't been there for 2 years and didn't know the proper course of action when someone gets stuck, they told me to blast them at 3AM when no one was around and there were barely any players so i did. Clearly no one was keeping an eye on me you guys were just waiting for me to slip up. If you were keeping an eye on me you would see i was taking the server very seriously. But as ive said i cant help that i made a mistake. I know what i did wrong now. To be honest im very new to this i
  8. Well i would say thanks for giving me another chance but you barely did. Lets be real i was screwed from the start since youre basing my actions on things that happened a very long time ago and most of you probably werent even around back then either. I make one mistake and im perma banned. An honest to god mistake. Sorry im not a robot i guess? I make one mistake and all of a sudden im a minge again? May i also remind you i havent played on this server for two years so im gonna make mistakes. Im basically starting fresh. But you know what i tried and you guys have clearly just got it in your
  9. My In-Game name: CT 4131 CGUY STEAMID: ( STEAM_0:0:442073152 Steam Name: CGUY What is the reason for your ban: I shot someone who asked me to because he was stuck inside a wall. His name was Mantis i believe and he even said that this is what happened. Just ask him. How long were you banned for: Perma Name of the staff member who banned you: Jedi Sentri Quinlan Vos Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I just recently got un perma banned after 2 years and now ive been perma banned again even though ive taken the server seriously and was just t
  10. Yeah I used to minge alot and very much regret it now since i know if i joined now it would be one of my favourite servers. I was quite immature back then and i know i gave CG and admins a hard time and for that I'm sorry. The perma ban was completely fair and i accepted it but I would really like to have another chance and take the server seriously rather than using it to be a dick.
  11. My In-Game name: Bar Owner Connor STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:442073152 Steam Name: CGUY What is the reason for your ban: A year or two ago i used to play this server alot and bought vip. I occasionally took it seriously but screwed around alot too and admins got tired of this. The last thing i did before i got banned was spawn a bunch of props to get up to the ceiling and got my friend to hang me from the ceiling and unspawned the props and it was here that i got banned around 2 years ago i think? I should mention i tried to rejoin this server using another account yesterday but got bann