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  1. Which rank/Tag?: SCP-RP Event Planner In-Game Name: John Goe Proof:
  2. -1, who? Also: a bit under detailed. Take a look at other (accepted) O5 Apps Maybe apply for some other Administration ranks like Hoea and SD. Get a good reputation on the server. Then apply again Lastly, get more playtime. IF you play more, people will get to know you better.
  3. uh... what? Im sorry but i have never been in any sort of group... so meh, I hope i can! Because "good stuff" is pretty subjective. But through event feedback i will try to improve and make the events more fun etc.
  4. He just wants to be unbanned man! Dont be so mean!
  5. Eww! Finance +1 was O5 before
  6. I dont think so man!!!! +1 Cool guy does le RP
  7. Phew. thats a lot of feedback. Now: No. They wont be rekitted. They have one life and if they die, they are out and may rejoin the event as NU7, E11 etc. The raiding equipment is for entering the Foundation the first time and the portals are only used for exfiltration and possible recovery of the captured combine. The rest will be through hacking or not entering. The Volunteers will be told to not kill all Foundation Personell they come across but instead use the cloak swep and only kill if they really need to since their main objective is to kidnap important personnel like the SD/O5s. As I stated in the Document, the 2nd Day will focus more around the Surface and not Foundation. While yes, it has very much combat, it is fun to shoot stuff. But I get your point that yes, not many people actually try to RP during these kinds of events. But I hope at least that 30% does it even though there is alot of combat around them. I mean, a mass breach for me is 2 SCPs or more so...- But I will maybe rewrite that into: Only maybe 2 or 3 of the moderatly strong SCPs to cause a little bit of chaos to ease the exit of the Volunteers. However, thanks for the feedback!
  8. +1 I think that this man deserves the Whitelist.
  9. I think he should become Head Researcher. But sadly, you cannot apply for HR, you have to earn it.
  10. I will try to not get burnt out. The Quality shall not fall under any circumstance. even if it takes longer to plan them I have loads of time to think about each event but yes, I see your point. If that happens, I will reduce it. I will of course take any feedback to heart and improve as mentioned in the original application. If the players dont want long events, I can also make smaller roleplay events.
  11. When research is complete and Site Administration decided to release the cure to the Public (in whatever way) I would spawn SCP-500 in a "store" where civilians etc. can get cured. Haha, yea. I worked like 1 1/2 weeks on it to write it and perfect it with all the outcomes. I plan, as I said above, to do one large event (3 days+) every two weeks and smaller, more fun based events every week like we have it now with the OOC events.
  12. In-Game Name: John Goe Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:146940520 List of Warns: 3. 1x RDM, 1x Breaking FearRP, 1x FailRP (see Below) Any previous or current Staff experience?: No. Why you should pick me: I want to start off by saying that picking me for Event Planner is a very good idea as I am very dedicated to the server and always enjoy my time on. I will try to do a large event every 2 weeks by which I mean 3 days and longer. However, I am very flexible in my schedule and can do smaller events/ more fun focused events every week. I plan my events carefully so that every, or almost all players enjoy it or can participate in it. I will do my events in the Evening and on the Weekend so that as many people as possible can play and my main focus making events would be to increase RP during and after the event and not make it 100% Combat. With my good playtime of 3 Weeks I already have lots of experience and know what the others want and might be interesting to do. I have no staff experience as of yet, however I am a fast learner and it won't be a problem for me as I will focus more on events than moderation of the server. I know that it is also my duty to moderate but with less priority. I would love to be an event planner because I’m full of Ideas that I want to try out. I will try to become the best and improve with each event I do. Lastly, I would really love to be on the event team to create my creative thoughts and project them into the game. Your Event Plan: Since it is very long, i have put it in a Google document. Please give it a read. I will try to answer all Questions. The Event plan: All feedback is appreciated aslong as its constructive.