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  1. That makes alot of more sense haha
  2. the fact that you have been warned for that stuff... and seeing other younglings not getting warned, it should be a accepted as it dont make sense tbh so +1
  3. -1 as i see in Arrest reports and stuff you are a comeplete minge and i remember you from CG, plus other stuff i can see from CG sheet about you as you have this... plus 19 arrest report in the span of 5 months is not alot but the fact the way those reports are, just mean your unban request is not a good enough apology
  4. Im going to give you -1 not becuase of the thing or all but because your warn is not getting removed, even if it was 2 years old, its a way to check if the person have commited any rules breaking before, its just a normal thing that the SWRP dont do unless you have 30 warns and get accepted you will have like what 6 of your oldest warns removed, but thats also just that, so now you know why your warn is pretty much is not getting removed
  5. lmao did this man just post a video of himself breaking server rules, well you are getting denied just for showing you Breaking NLR and RDM funny stuff
  6. What your suggestion is: Holocomm is basically a skype call where you can messeage a person, call a person you can see the person surroundings and it gets a nice RP Immersion for example: GA wants to speak to someone he can take out the holocomm dial the person and talk to the person about stuff it got some great Passive RP into, High Command calls from events, Secret missions that RC and ARC might do and no one else can see. Like let's also say a Event happend, we need to find a missing supply there is death everywhere, then when you get to the site located it you can then dial the battalion in charge of operation, and tell him you got the intel, i know its basically the same functions as just doing [CG-Batt] but this is just better RP in my opinion.Scriptfodder/workshop link: additional information: Thanks for reading
  7. +1 seems valid to me get them outta here
  8. i know parrying is a thing, but the parry mechanic is actually dogshit ngl
  9. +1 -Unjustified ban -it was a harmless command as shown it was CAT's own fault doing the perm -but next time dont make a joke out of it just tell them the mistake right away instead of fking with the broken perms
  10. Uhm no thats your profile your steam ID is Steam:######### with a lot of numbers use this wepsite Steam ID Finder
  11. +1 for the first one, but i dont like the speeder you want to give CG as it most defently dont look like a patrol speeder, but that can be fixed with some coding and re-texture i believe -1 for the TX its imperial tank, it would look good for EC's to use but not something a regiment should have as its not really a era we need
  12. that is true, but i do believe you can code the stamina to cost more of what stance you are going to use, but yes normal stam reduction is actually 100% to 80% with just 1 Aggressive 3 i believe as the standard is, but yes i do get the point, but that dont really matter to much, as they will run faster out of stam if they spam it, thats why you have to be smart on how you use it
  13. No people can't spam 1 button because heavy attack uses 100% stamina so you have to think about what you are doing
  14. -1 CT's dont need vehicles, but if they get like a vehcile with the AT-TE make a new type of the AT-TE for troop transport only as CT's are alot in the weekends and it basically takes 2 laats to just transport CT's