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  1. +1 If the gestapo dude now did what he is saying he did why didnt he get punished aswell?
  2. +1 he put great effort into writing this so i think it would only be fair if he got unbanned.
  3. I dont think that should be perma but thats imo so +1 from my side. atleast i think it should be reduced.
  4. +1 i wouldnt say that that is his fault, he didnt know that he was spamming the chat, he thought he gave the person his ID.
  5. 26 of them are from 2018 and most of them could be removed.
  6. +1 since when can you be tortured for over 1 hour?
  7. +1 He tried to explain why he needed to leave and i think that he should be allowed to leave to work, imo real life work is more important than the server.
  8. TS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: Sd4FPM38PmDsM8rnGS1pBdAlEaE=Requested Medal: Distinguished Service Medal (2 year service)Evidence: First warning that i recieved in 2019.Extra Information: N/A