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  1. Get more known in the Community is my advice, Get some 2-3 Weeks of playtime and try. For now -1
  2. -1 Was cool I really enjoyed playing it but nah atm there is too much kids and will abuse it a lot. No thx
  3. What?? E14 v3-v4 was fuckin awesome idk what u are on about Also +1 Would like to see it again.
  4. Nope it just wont be like last time coming to gate a screaming alah akbar and bombing everyone. It will actually do something this time.
  5. +1 Alah Akbar Oria forever i hope this time its better and not like last time bombing everyone!
  6. Oh and how about you shut the fuck up u spastic retard who is banned and cries. Go play Tetris u mong Literally nobody cares about ur opinion wont you get it?
  7. Hello Can the Banned People in here not give their opinions cuz its cringe? Ok so basically There was 10 players not gonna mention names First of all I understand doing this on 20,30+ Players is perma ban but why should someone care when there is 10 players which 2 of them were AFK so that means 8 players. And dw I will find out who you are mr. (Does not matter and made account 6 hours ago) You weren't even there and you are acting like a absolute 6 Year old baby that cries cuz doesn't like me or norra. Stop being a little spy and say who you are without making fake Accounts. Get your B
  8. First of all why are u making a report on Job abuse???????????? -Second the Current SCP can Go to LCZ and make a pure madness or just wait out at the checkpoint -This isn't prop minging let me tell you. Prop Minging is when you are using a prop and push people with it and do some stupid mingery stuff. Go read the rules gather some information and stop making useless Threads.
  9. -OOC Section- Steam Name: WickerS_Pro RPname: Matthew Wickers SteamID: STEAM_0:1:57263955 In game level: 50 Playtime(At least one week): 14W Amount of Warns and the reason of why they were given: Killed an unarmed player :[ -IC Section To: Edward@SCPFoundation.INET From:Matthew@SCPFoundation.INET Name: Matthew Wickers Date of Birth: 1982-09-10 Gender: Male Nationality: Bulgarian Mother: Mary Winston -CV Section- Engineer Programmer(4 Years) -Good Knowledge about Machines -Design Stuff -Lead Program
  10. -1 The only person that was Blacklisted from HOS ever