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  1. yes ! serious RP!!111 Changed my response because when you first submitted your app it was something daft like "I will RP seriously" and that was it. Your application isn't bad, but it's not the best either. I feel like your answers lack depth and detail, also, you need to provide proof of your game-time and your in-game warns. I'll remain Neutral
  2. +1 Shows clear understanding, seen on server multiple times, seems alright too
  3. +1 I was literally murdered by you three times during your frenzy. But you didn't know any better I suppose and I don't think you were verbally warned or actually warned for it, so a permaban seems unfitting in my opinion. Like Kyle said, if there were basic rules for new people displayed, it mightn't of happened.
  4. Bump what's not to love about Dclass with guns...
  5. +1 سوف يسود ORIA العليا، إلى أسفل مع الحضارة الحديثة. بينما أعدائنا يحترقون في الرماد، سوف تزدهر ORIA. ORIA will reign supreme, down with modern civilisation. Whilst our enemies smoulder in the ashes, ORIA will flourish.
  6. In Game Name: Cal Reece SteamID: STEAM_0:0:558538978 Crafting Table Experience Level: 125 Warns: 0 Playtime: What job does the manufacturing department have on site?: The head of manufacturing department (HoMD) is essentially what it says on the tin, it is the head of the 2 manufacturing personnel that are also on site. The manufacturers craft and supply the foundation with Ammunition, Gas Masks and other items that can be used to benefit others. The HoMD has more expertise and can create more complex items, like healing grenades, SLAM's and Micro HID's too for t
  7. Try and use the template provided fella, you need to include the following in your actual application and not within the comments; Include your RolePlay Name Include your Steam ID Include your Playtime Include the amount of warns you have received Ensure your application consists of 300 or more words Use the hyperlink attached below to see the template to follow. 096 Template
  8. I love Crispy Oliver Cheers big lad x Much Appreciated
  9. +1 Olly's the Bee's knees, give him it Good App Good Lad
  10. +1 Nice lad Was SA with me on 06/04/2021 when there was a massive 008 breach on surface where it got nuked, and he handled it very well, trying to organise meetings, plan counter-movements ect Good app
  11. Oh my god that's my clip! You ALT+E abused at least three times, knowing you could get into the airlock, and then out into LCZ. At one point you even escaped into LCZ and ran away from guards by abusing ALT+E, and then when you died, you tried it again.