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  1. You were banned by @Matthew Lead for: MassRDM x4 / FailRP / going Rogue -1
  2. Please use the template:
  3. You were banned today by Luke Ocasio for MassRDM 5x + Lying to Staff. -1
  4. You were banned on April 8th, 2021 for NH2RP - Constant Mingery -1
  5. i dont go on random servers and massrdm.. if you go on other servers, massrdm and get banned for it then obviously you knew what u were doing here aswell, permaban is justified
  6. RDM 10x + RDM'd the Admin in the sit, -1 no stay banned
  7. You were banned on the 18th of April, for " MRDM, killing multiple D Class outside of the airlock "
  8. Name: Max Livio TS Unique ID: 0Gf3ZlyuMhRZCoBV58z9qW+CZe8= Requested Medal: 5 Year Community Service Medal Evidence: First link is a screenshot from 14th of May 2016 Second Link is a screenshot from the 16th of June, 2017 3rd one is from August 2020, and have been staff since on SCP-RP since March 2020 i didnt take any ss in 2018-2019, but i know i've played on the server then
  9. You were banned in July 2020 for: MRDM x7, apparently also said "cool" when he was told his kill count by an Admin. -1
  10. -1 i have never seen you on the server, no clue if you can be trusted with the permissions an event planner has + u wrote 79 words, when it said 200 words min. atleast put a little effort into this application
  11. -1 Under 1.000 words, try to get more known in the community aswell