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  1. I play B7 sometimes and also regularly played CI.
  2. I recommend to provide more context if you want to have a bigger chance at being unbanned. Good luck!
  3. I would like to propose the idea of the removal of door banging (if possbile.) It is by my experience heavily abused by task forces such as Nu7 and E-11. It ruins roleplay for CI and other GOI's because even if a door is closed one might still be killed because units can simply continue to shoot through the door. To add this is also an RP server, not a combat server and door-bang is obviously a combat aspect.
  4. My bad on the ERP as mentioned in the original post. It was foolish and stupid of me to do.
  5. I didnt actually give the comms to the class D, he had a knife and took me hostage. I said it wrong and should have put it differently but again, NO COMMUNICATION even if failRP did take place. I would never be so stupid to give FA comms to a class d. And like I said, the ban never became clear to me. I logged off and messaged Luke Ocasio to find out what happened, he told me about ERP and Failure to listen to staff. And to addres the regular fairp, no comunication towards me at all just like I mentioned in the unban request. A warn should have been given but no staff ever talked to me, not even a verbal warning if the ERP is excluded. Nothing done wrong on my part, the staff should've simply told me which could DEFENITLY have made me stop. In any of the wrongdoings no communication.
  6. Server you got banned from: SCP RPYour name in-game:Bjorn WorksYour SteamID:76561199039326950 ( I think, I am terrible with steamID )Admins' name that banned you:Luke Ocasio, Ordered by SMTAdmin's steamID:STEAM_0:1:524530320Why did you get banned?:( Unclear) ERp and refusal to listen to staffWhy do you deserve to be unbanned?: Today I was banned for ERP and refusing to listen to staff. ( This was never very made clear to me, I was banned without negotiation with me. ) My arguements for the unban / ban reduction follow below. How would you feel if you were banned right after a verbal warning? Unfair right? I am writing this unban appeal because I consider the extension of 1 month very unfair and the original ban un called for. I think my situation can be learned from and eased. First of all, the events which probably led to the ban can be considered a misunderstanding; I was being stun sticked spammed/abused and told the guard that if he continued to do it I would start touching him back. He continued to do it and I ERP'ed : "Bjorn Works firmly grabs your big round volomptuous ass." I thought me and the guard were just joking around out of character but this was misunderstood. He broadcasted in comms claiming sexual harrassment and after that I was brought to the ECM(Isaac Scott) who refused to listen to my side of the story. After ignoring me the ECM (Isaac Scott)claimed he issued a complaint to SMT which I must assume ultimatly led to my ban. The ECM ( Isaac Scott) issued a complaint about me because I had done it many times before. I am not hiding from those claims, they are true. Yet many times before the event mentioned in the first paragraph the ERP which I commited was with Cal Reece, who ERP's me back. Me and Cal Reece see this as a joke and mess around on the server not ruining the RP for the rest of the people ( a personal thing. ) Those events shouldn't have been considered in the ban but probably were because of the ECM. In short, misunderstandings happened on both ends. Secondly, I received no actual warn before the ban, the ERP was commited three days before the ban. No warn was given, only demotions by various ECM's and other Foundation administrators. I was however VERBALLY warned by an executive admin ( His name was A nobdy and he was playing O5.) I dont consider this a valid warn because I ussually keep a good watch of my warns. I forgot about the VERBAL warning because I expect warns to show up in the !warns meny. When I play the SCP RP server I keep a good watch of my warns because those should be taken into consideration before a ban. I had no warns for ERP which in my opinion should have been given by admins before a ban, defenitly in a time span of 3 days. In short; if I was warned before a ban I would have stopped with the ERP because after a warn a ban could follow. In my case the ban happened after a verbal warning. ( a mistake made by staff not me ) Thirdly a month was added to my original ban of 1 month because I refused to listen to staff but as mentioned previously I was only given a VERBAL warning, my !warns are my indicators to calm down but those were never given to me. Lastly, I was a very inconsiderate person during the 3 days. But as probably heard before people really do learn from the shock of a ban. ERP is a very controllable problem by me and after I received the ban I learnt that I must stop to do it which is an easy task. To summarize, an unban should occur because half of the ERP that took place was either with a friend or a misunderstanding. The rest was actual ERP which I am very guilty of and am very sorry for. The admins should have warned me because a warn is a warn for a reason and a verbal warning shouldn't count as an actual one. I also would've noticed if an actual warn was given and stopped. My message to staff : If an unban takes place I will never ERP again, I have already removed the keybinds to prove that point. I am very sorry for the inconvenience I have caused and take full accountability for it. ( Feel free to correct em about the cause of the ban, it never was fully explained to me )