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  1. -1 Application is severely underwhelming / under-detailed.
  2. AHAHAHHAHA ripbozo stay banned lmao
  3. Which Rank/tag do you need: Super-Administrator What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): Luke Ocasio Evidence
  4. Neutral. Decent lad, application is very underwhelming.
  5. -1 Application is a shit-show. Just deny this thread already.
  6. -1 Don't want someone like you back in the server. Stay banned.
  7. Jesus Christ it's 5 days. The ban literally expires tomorrow.
  8. Neutral. You're a good enough guy, calm and collected... at most times. Your attitude is versatile, some interactions with you have displayed a sudden switch of behaviour; as Cameron mentions, the WL removal lead you to completely leaving the community, essentially throwing toys at the pram. I don't know how I feel about you being a staff member. Not averse to it, not for it either.
  9. Seems genuinely apologetic. But you were banned very recently. Wait a good amount of time before re-appealing; it will show the community that you've changed / thought about your actions.
  10. +1 Trust this guy. Clearly fit for the job.
  11. Neutral/ -1 Literally advertised your application. Not a fan of how it's written either.
  12. +1 Has already shown his efficacy as an A-1 Commander. Enough said, I believe he is fit for this role.
  13. +1 A great O5, would be good to see you return. Hanz Alexkrovich ok
  14. +1 Would be good to see you as O5 again.