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  1. Yes you apply! Go to the job template you would like to apply to, read the rules, copy the template pasting it into your new thread, make it look nice, and the specific Job Manager will take a look! Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. Neutral/-1 Seen from the above I don’t think you’re quite ready for staff. Being honest I’d say you are probably a very nice guy but just- Not yet staff mate-
  3. Massive fucking +1!! - Very professional - Well Known - Very friendly to be around with - Ranked in a high position - Competent lol!
  4. Though I can’t really see it happen, I’m gonna +1 this anyway
  5. +1 - Well explained. - Well known. - Chad
  6. I get that a lot.. xD Still though Thank you guys! (Also holy SHIT this site is hard to be on on phone!)
  7. Nocoliding 999 would be good for players again. :3 (Note: Admins can't pick 999 up then.) For 2295 I still don't fucking understand why It's hitbox is like a human.