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  1. I have never felt the warmth of a woman in my life pic related me
  2. 。・:*:・゚★。・:*:・゚☆ +1 heterosexual and white*∞*⍋⋆*❅。
  3. Historical duties of the Zollgrenzschutz - Handles customs on the borders of Germany and occupied territories, taxes people, guards important facilities from partisans behind the frontlines. Lucas Mainz - Basically they will guard the city borders like the ORPO and Wehrmacht does. They will patrol the forest like the Wehrmacht and 1.SS does. Inspect trucks during PassiveRP/boomboompowpowRP events. Set mines around Berlin so bad guys can step on them. And of course raiding building related to criminal activity like the ORPO, 1.SS and RSHA does. From what you are suggesting Zollgrenzs
  4. Lucas Mainz counter arguments 101 1. I will not tolerate profanities in criticism. 2. Funny Appes word reminds me of word in english that reminds me of monke
  5. This is not "your" idea. Its a shitty idea that comes and goes around the server every year or so. Suggestions written by PseudoRPgamemasters like yourself. The Abwehr has no use on the server other than being switched to event job and doing /job Abwehr. If your Iintentions were to have this for events, there is a channel on discord dedicated for this trash.
  6. Ahhh yes the average norf fc lad expressing his dislike for certain people on the proper platform, just because he failed to join the RSHA after months of try harding.
  7. Behold the wholesome departments of the Abwehr. The central division - that would be you, the big brain. Foreign intelligence - will not work on the server. False documents, photos, inks, passports, chemicals intelligence - boom boom pow pow Wehrmacht events. Anglo-American Army intelligence - boom boom pow pow Wehrmacht events. Soviet Army intelligence - boom boom pow pow Wehrmacht events. Technical army intelligence - boom boom pow pow Wehrmacht events Communications—design of wireless sets, wireless operators. - (group) patrol A01 passing ALKO
  8. <17:49:20> "[Auster Schumacher] Auster Schumacher": [Ban][B4] NITRP [Tier II] FUCKING NIGGER I FUCKING HATE NIGGERS [Permament]
  9. +1 Able to write 234 word sentence in staff abuse description.
  10. -1 bisexual P.S another based stellman ban