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  1. bruh it wasnt 2mph my car was going around that and it was clearly faster. and lets say if it was 2mph you know how heavy a bus is?of course it would crush you -_-
  2. its admin abuse cuz hes using his powers to give himslef an unfair advantages that normal players dont have he teleported his friend "henry" back removed her NLR and then raided PD with her and then as a criminal job he opened up rs doors to let his friend out if that isnt staff abuse then what is? he used his powers unjsutly when a normal players would have to wait for NLR to raid and then picklock the door to get their friend out but becasue hes admin he uses powers to remove the stuff we do
  3. like look its clear half of you didnt read anything
  4. read every thing these things have been answered bruh all these things have been answered by me read my reply and the original post ... idk how a mafia or resistance member battering ramming the reichstag to help someone escape from it is allowed? and how an admin can teleport back their friend just becasue they died like before u reply just read the whole thing
  5. ye i know that but at the time of the video i didnt
  6. fair enough 1 taking the logistiks crate didnt know thats against the rules is it listed in the rules if so show me because he bought it for us? and everyone got one ...... 2 about me "witchhunting him" its becasue he did it to me becasue hours before these videos , him henry and another person i cant remember were minging on the light near swiss embassy when henry spoke i said what is "she" doing and herman jumped off tried to warn me but i explained myself sayind "i called her a woman in game as a petty insult as ic she would be a man with a very high pitch voice" he got mad and call
  7. Your In-Game name: Rudi Max Your Steam name: STEAM_0:1:184059820 !cw Reported staff members In-game name / Forum name / Steam name: Hermann Stellmann Staff members STEAM ID: i got told i didnt need it by baron von keller Rank of reported staff member (If known): Security Staff What did the reported staff member do to abuse their power / break server rules: flexed his admin powers to around to impress Henry Von Maxton or AmeliaJC the girl whos in orpo , AKA spawned stuff in/ unjustified teleport to get henry back to him no clipping to
  8. Your In-game name: Frederick Holtby Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:184059820 Reason of the ban: Fail RP DTS igmoring staff Date you were banned on: Duration of ban: 11 days Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Aurelius Von Steinfels#2410 this is his discord id i asked for his steam id from baron von keller and him in a group vc when they said they were gonna ban mre for 3 days , they ignored me Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: i got kidnapped and then orpo came to save me , orpo wanted to chec
  9. top shagger

  10. Which Rank/tag do you need: Platinum VIP What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): Rudi Max Evidence (A image of your name ingame with the said rank, or a image of yourself on the old forum. Do not post sensitive information such as emails/PayPal payments please: STEAM_0:1:184059820
  11. Your In-game name: Rudi Max Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:184059820 - Alot of my old warns, i dont want them there as it 4+ years since ive got them , could impede my efforts to join like staff or custom groups etc in the futre and i dont think its fair if they are there as well i was 13-14 when i got those warns and im 18 so.... Do you think your warning was justified: i do think they were justified at the time but honestly almost all i cannot remember anything from them Why should you be unwarned: they are 4+ years old and have no basis on my character now Additional inf