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  1. I have seen you on the server just today so I can't really tell a lot about you. Overall you should gain more experiences within the community and overall get known. I know the minimum playtime you need is 3 days, but I hardly recommend that you gather some more playtime since this seems a bit rushy. -1
  2. You learn them by playing on the server. But the most basics are: MT = Maintenance tunnel (Tunnel leading to subway/surface) GA = Gate A (Blast doors at the subway). GG = Glass Gate (Door between Gate A and EZ) CDC = Class-D Cells. SCP = Secure. Contain. Protect. ISD = Internal Security Department. A-1 = MTF Alpha-1 'Red Right Hand' E-11 = MTF Epsilon-11 'Nine Tailed Fox' Nu-7 = MTF Nu-7 'Hammer Down' CC = Containment Chamber (of an SCP). Thats all I can think off at the moment.
  3. but it wasn't a soundboard/voice changer it was my real voice!!!!11
  4. I hardly doubt that, even if this gets accepted, those numbers will get applied by SMT. Maybe reduce the XP gained throughout Manufacturing if those get applied? Otherwise it forces them to exactly do that: *cough* somehow they need to attract players to buy levels on store *cough* Though +1 for this, running around and doing rp is better than brainlessely pressing E and Leftclick every 5 seconds on a table.
  5. Uno reverse card on everyone, this gromit mug is mine.
  6. +1, Even though all reasons are stated above, here is a list why he should be accepted: - Extremely amusing to play with, - Overall polite & gentle personality, - Good activity, - Even better application. I wish you good luck with your application!
  7. Your in-Game Name: Kabasch Cashew Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:147357128 Your Age: I am currently 17 years old. Your In-Game Playtime: Your Warns: I only have one warning for RDM. Rate Your RP Skills: 7/10, still on to improving my roleplay everday to ensure the best experience not only for me but for everyone I play with. What O5 Designation would you prefer (1-12) and what character?: O5-11 "The Sentient" Male with european descent, origin being germany and appears to be in his late 30s. He is overall polite and understanding towards foundation personnel. H