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  1. +1 He's a Nice Guy, I Don't Understand.
  2. Name: Hazel TS Unique ID: VpX3vYk2hWclcylA+RACayPu800= Requested Medal: 1 Year Medal Evidence: Extra Information: N/A
  3. What your suggestion is: Add hostile NPCs around the map Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A Any additional information: Make Antlion guards spawn around the outside area of Base maps for people going out of base to have encounters with them.
  4. +1 Ye add like the DC-15LE a better version of the DC-15a
  5. What your suggestion is: Change the way you hold the MinigunScriptfodder/workshop link: N/AAny additional information: Change the way you hold the Minigun and make it so you hold it like the chatterbox minigun Would look something like this, made this in Paint and PowerPoint
  6. Depends on how the EP would use it
  7. Steam Name + Profile link: [W-G]Hazel | https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198208110745/ RoleplayName: 327th EXO Hazel Teamspeak Name: Hazel Playtime on the Server: 11 Weeks SteamID: STEAM_0:1:123922508 Any experience in staffing: No. Current Age: 16. Warns/Bans: I have no Warns or Bans. Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes and Yes. Event Plan Map: Christophsis Enemies, HP, Amount: Clone ECs: 2 B1 Heavys, 2 B2s, 2 Commando Droids, Infected(Droids will be switch to infected for the second part of the event) | Normal HP | Droids will be given E-22 and
  8. Not Really the point of ARC is to get into RC and the sub regiment I suggested is just for something else to do because not everyone wants ARC/RC and the subregiments won't be on the same Level as ARCs. Yes I've Heard that 212th used to have designated Tank Drivers and Explosive people or something like that and only certain people can do certain things but the Subregiment I suggested doesn't have any specific role the only thing different between the subregiment and the normal regiment is an Extra weapon and for example 327th is pushing in the frontlines then K Company could start fl
  9. What your suggestion is: Subregiment/Regimental SquadsScriptfodder/workshop link: N/AAny additional information: Subregiment/Regimental Squads Document The things in the document isn't complete such as the names for some of the squads and what weapons do they get its just the basics of how it would work, its a lot of work to implement this but it would be worth it.