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  1. +1 - All around good guy and is not a minge - Good understanding of the rules - good playtime good luck with your app my guy
  2. The Architect This file is only for CL5, anyone below this clearance will be subject to a memetic kill agent Approval Granted Welcome Agent ██████ Access was granted by the following O5 council members O5-█ O5-█ O5-██ --File Start-- The Architect is
  3. -1 If you get banned form TECO for something, you wont get unbanned as you stole, they wont trust that you wont steal again Honestly don't trust that you will come to roleplay my guy, sorry
  4. Bump Been very patient for a response on this app
  5. +1 Honestly just have a good feeling about you, I believe I seen you in the server before and you don't come across as some minge Going with my gut on this one and giving you the +1, good luck my guy
  6. Natural Honestly seems like you got to 4d just to apply witch I can respect as you want to be 096 Not anyone with CL3 can bag SCP-096, it is only containment personnel that can do this eg B7 You are a nice guy but maybe get some more feedback from this and maybe increase playtime bud
  7. -1 Maybe get some more playtime on the counter instead of the 18 hours, ye you been apart of the community for 4 days but you will still need to get more playtime This is the containment procedure for SCP-096 in general but not if it has breached, SCP-096 contemned protocols very depending what situation is going on, if it is in its CC then the protocol is simple enough to follow from the wiki but if it breaches there is a different protocol that needs to be followed
  8. Ah I though this was your IC name, this is my bad
  9. I'm not gonna put any vote on this app, just gonna let you know the staff apps need to be at least 1000 words, yours right now is 481 with the questions and Voyles is your first/last name, you will need a first/last name mate. Maybe add some more detail into the app itself and come up with a last name, it will go a long way for you bud Also mate imma recommend some stuff for you to work on so you have a higher chance of getting accepted with your next try Get more of a reputation Integrate yourself with an understanding of rules and what SCP/SCP-RP is about
  10. +1 Great guy, extremely mature and absolutely fun to rp with
  11. I dont have CI or E-11 wl so I have to play Nu-7 to be able to have a bit of fun outside of an SCP, also i find Nu-7 to be fun at times
  12. +1 I have seen you around and you seem to be competent enough to become a member of O5. Honestly I believe you can be a good member of the O5 council as you don't really take any ballshit from anyone The only downfall is the 4 warning but you are past that I believe
  13. Thank you, always gotta know rules otherwise you get messed up by people