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  1. +1 Great detailed app, friendly guy and held a high rank for a substantial amount of time now, aswsell as attempting to join battalion showing a desire to progress within the server. Only negative i'd say is playtime however due to your regiment (CG) you've clearly spent those 3 or so weeks in a more staff related environment compared to other applicants, as in CG you often deal with situations and individuals which are related to staff.
  2. +1 In all honesty, my first impressions of you back in the day when you first joined GC were lacking in any kind of thoughts of future progression and again after you rejoined as CG and then left, however recently throughout in game and out of game experiences with you, I have been shown a hard working diligent member of the community who above all else remains loyal to his duties which is a sought after value for Battalion Members, aswell as a good level of integrity. I would leave the generic blah blah serious when he needs to be but can have a laugh but that's not exactly anything s
  3. -1, A few things to state before this lot of information: 1. You are on a platinum VIP job, the refugee note that it is not called "Civilian" and there is a "Scavenger" job, by name a "Refugee" should be seeking refuge within the republic base due to the fear of what is outside, and under no circumstances should really be let out. 2. You left the base as you stated above with the intention of: therefor this situation was not detrimental in anyway shape of form to your RP as you simply wanted to look at a few old dupes from your EP days, which is understandable at 3am in
  4. Jendo


    In all fairness hitler was based on darth vader so
  5. +1 Despite the questionable punishments in the past, silent has returned and achieved a spot in battalion command, which isn't exactly the easiest thing and isn't exactly given to those who lack certain qualities, these qualities imo can be directly transferred to staff and to be honest Silent is probably just as, if not more qualified than some of the current staff team (again, IMO). Goodluck lad
  6. +1 To my understanding you often play late night when little to no staff do, this is instantly a reason for a +1. although all other reasons have been stated prior i'd say you are very approachable, friendly however can be strict and stern when required of you, goodluck.
  7. -1/Neutral, Hazard has had a shaky past to say the least and up until a few weeks ago mine and I'm sure others opinions on them were that they were a toxic, secluded individual who when confronted cannot fathom that one's self is in the wrong, however of recent Hazard has been tightening his act up and it has not gone unnoticed, I think that with a little more time and continued on this path, in the future Hazard may have the attitude that it takes to staff on the server. Stick at it lad
  8. +1 From what i've seen from stack, albeit not much he is a dedicated hard working member of battalion and has supported GC, who I am inclined to believe have taken a liking to him which isn't an easy merit to hold and aswell is not common, he has filled the role of supervisor to a T and I believe could perform the same, if not greater in the staff team. Goodluck lad
  9. -1 now, there's nothing wrong about being a cunt in fact some people's entire personalities revolve around being a cunt, however I think the way someone acts when confronted about such happenings tells a lot more about them with personal experience and stories i've heard from others Lannister has an underlying toxicity that shines through in even the most basic situations i.e playing EC or a Hologram Training character. Perhaps with a little more time Lannister can mature, perhaps by leaving the protective bubble which Jedi has become but until then I'd say it's a -1 for staff unfortunate
  10. +1 is active and well known in both clone and jedi, the role of a Jedi Master has some aspects which may not on the surface seem comparable to staff but in the long run would benefit bean in the staff team and perhaps give him an edge over other applicants, besides this he is approachable, friendly and I have never seen or heard of anyone having a bad run in with him. The only negative I can provide is bean is quite kind and perhaps in certain situations may be too lenient however this is from the point of view of someone who has never really seen him have to deal with adverse situations
  11. +1, all has been said above and now with CT gaining the support of others, I believe geo can spend time staffing on the server.
  12. Neutral, whether or not this is down to the "Sentinel" way of playing the server or just jedi in general, other than those in DU you seem to be rather isolated from the rest of the server, whilst not inherently a bad thing I believe you require some more time spent around the rest of the community in order to be able to deal with certain adverse situations which may occur outwith the Jedi norm.
  13. +1 All has been said above, can put other before his own desires seen by him taking the position of GC Hiearchy over ARC and possibly RC.
  14. -1/Neutral, what bongo said i'd be more inclined towards neutral if I was able to see more of you however from what i've seen how you can act in OOC situations, i.e the bar etc for now anyway it is a -1.