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  1. Snipping tool exists man c’mon
  2. Meier you misunderstand, he was banned permanently ON April 30th last year.
  3. I mean, by the time you get a response to to the appeal you’ll probably be unbanned. I mean is there nothing else you can do besides play on the server?
  4. +1 good reason for executing him, bet the FePo would have done the same if the situation was reversed
  5. Yeah but cars do cost at least what? Minimum 250k or 500k? You need to put a lot of dedication onto the server just to be able to buy one
  6. honestly, what are you going to do with 11 million reichmarks? Buying guns and raiding shit or just gambling it away over and over is just boring and doesn’t add any objective to the server. Please, please I beg you make cars not exclusive to VIP’s I don’t even care if the cars we get are shit I just want to be able to do something with my money for the love of god
  7. And admin perm banned him for literally asking how how to support the server. Banning people who want to support the server is probably not the best way to keep your reputation good
  8. Josef you can’t really call it a peaceful community when all of the police and SS are hyped up on estrogen and want to flex their powers on someone
  9. +1 technically you did have a gun out so I guess you were in the right to kill him