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  1. +1 Well made app Very detailed Well organized No warns Good Playtime 3 leadership positions
  2. +1 This man is crispier than mama's chicken. Also nice app
  3. In Game Name: Oswald Bruner SteamID: STEAM_0:1:104840655 Crafting Table experience level: 125 What job does the MD have on site? The Manufacturing Department handles the making and distributing of firearm supplies and attachments as well as gas masks. These aforementioned firearm supplies can vary from regular ammo to underbarrel grenade launchers. There are lots of different places for them to set up operations. The most popular is LCZ big due to it's high personnel traffic and large size. Their most common buyers are E-11, B-7 and Nu-7 due to them all operating mainly in LCZ.
  4. -1 Does not RP well Acts poorly in all circumstances Rude Regularly breaks FearRP Under detailed app Not enough content in app Bad grammar
  5. +1 Could use a better format, but otherwise fine.
  6. Yes, I did take a few words from your app and put them into mine. Most of my answers are the same as everyone's, barring the end as that was admittedly ripped from yours with different wording as you mentioned, my apologies. I have one minor issue with your reply though, and that is my reply to the "Someone has revealed you are MC&D" question. This was written in my own words, and like you said is very typical for an answer. You might, however, find that the organizational pattern of the answer to the question is similar to yours, but I would have done this anyway because it follows a basi
  7. Yes..is there much else to say? +1
  8. Common RP Name: Oswald Bruner Steam Name: Monkinator37 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:104840655 Current Playtime: Warns: As 173 Why do you want to join MC&D? After seeing how important of a role salesman fills, and how vital he is to MC&D I wanted to assume that role. I feel like I would excel as a salesman. I like to say I am outwardly friendly to most people, and after some experience that only brings good things as MC&D. Especially because we are the main supplier of everyone on surface, and sometimes out friends underground. Playing as a salesman is very RP b