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  1. When we die, what happens? Who is there to guide us? A note found attached to the door handle of an apartment room: OOC Info: Feel free to DM me on Discord with your inquiries Snoo#9543
  2. + 1 Although app seems very short, they did seem genuine about getting the role of HoMD due to a discussion we had earlier when the server was less populated c:
  3. RP Name: Jeremy Sanders Discord Name and ID: Snoo#9543 SteamID: STEAM_1:1:92004515 Playtime (Minimum 4 days): 1w 2d 8h Warns and why they were issued (Maximum 10, some exceptions made): 0 Warnings Why do you want to join?:I would like to join the sarkics as i see the GOI as a heavily RP based GOI with rich history that i would thoroughly enjoy partaking in as the series of RP scenarios that come with playing the sarkic job would be very interesting to me. I had my first encounter with the sarkics after playing as the MC&D salesman and after that, i grew more and more curious into the sarkics as i didn't know who they were as a GOI and what their goals were. This motivated to research the sarkics and their history to have a basic understanding of what they are capable of doing. Over time, my basic knowledge only got me so far and recently i grew more and more interested into the GOI as i played more surface jobs. The idea of proving myself to the sarkics and go up the ranks over a large amount of time just really interests me as a person and the fact that this GOI is more heavily based around RP more than combat make it even more interesting as almost any encounter you come across can be a completely different RP scenario. What is Sarkicism?:Sarkicism is a belief system which originates around 1800 BCE which follow the teachings of the Grand Sarkic Ion. The Sarkics praise the god Yaldbaoth, the God of Flesh and Animalistic Instinct, as a means of pleasing them and achieving apotheosis. Sarkicism is split into two different sub groups which consist of the Proto-Sarkites and Neo-Sarkites who's beliefs both contradict each other but still share the same belief that a non-deity can ascend into a deity. Sarkicism is a very secretive religion as only a select few people are aware of the Sarkic's existence (like the GOC and the CoTBG) and you're only able to join the Sarkics by either being born into a bloodline rich with Sarkic history or by being converted into Sarkicism by a high ranking Sarkic member. Those who partake in Sarkicism practice ritualistic activities such as cannibalism and human sacrifices which were adopted by the Grand Sarkic Ion in hopes of ascending in apotheosis. Sarkics are even capable of organic manipulation which greatly exceeds the physical limit of the regular human but this can come with great risk as augmenting their bodies can have a degenerative affect of their mental stability. The Sarkics strongly believe in the spread of diseases as they see diseases as a method of killing off those who are weak and to benefit those who are strong. Who is Yaldabaoth?: Yaldabaoth is the God of Flesh and Animalistic Instinct. Yaldaboath is described as blind and driven solely by instinct by the sarkics and who the Grand Karcist Ion based the Sarkic religion around. Yaldaboath is known for creating humans and giving them their animalistic instincts and the god that is worshipped by the Sarkics. There was another god named Mekhane which was the god who gave humans their intelligence but it is known that both Yaldabaoth and Mekhane fought each other for a period of time. The battle ended up with Yaldabaoth being sealed away in a cage by Mekhane but this costed the life of Mekhane. The Sarkics actively sacrifice people to appease Yaldabaoth and is believed that Yaldabaoth was the one that granted the Grank Karcist Ion with god like powers. What is a difference between Proto- and Neo- Sarkites?: Proto-Sarkites: The Proto-Sarkites are known for living in seclusion away from the general public with an acute technophobia. The Proto-Sarkities generally avoid any form of technology and would fight against it or even completely destroy it if they were ever to come into contact with any form of technology. Proto-Sarkites still practice ritualistic sacrifices but believe that they must sacrifice themselves to benefit those around them as they value humility and self-sacrifice. Neo-Sarkites: Neo Sarkies are found amongst those in populated cities and can be hard to distinguish between regular citizens. The Neo Sarkites actively sacrifice people to please Yaldabaoth and to benefit them as individuals. Neo-Sarkites are also usually high ranking members of society thus giving them a large amount of power and influence around the world. Neo-Sarkites generally don't follow the teachings of the Grand Karcist Ion as they see them as weak and believe they have the right to usurp the Grand Karcist Ion. Have you been in any other GOI groups?: MC&D Salesman
  4. Which Rank/tag do you need: Platinum VIP What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): Jeremy Sanders Evidence (A image of your name ingame with the said rank, or a image of yourself on the old forum:
  5. +1 - Detailed application - Shows understanding for the role of 096 and how they play Wishing you luck with your application
  6. Common Roleplay Name: Jeremy Sanders Steam Name: Snoo SteamID: STEAM_1:1:92004515 Your Current Playtime(3 days minimum): 5 days 07 hours Your Current Warns (10 warn limit, take a screenshot. Exceptions may be made.): 0 Warnings Why do you want to join MC&D?: The reason why I want to join the MC&D is because I find the MC&D as a quite interesting and unique GOI amongst the rest of the GOIs. I also believe I’d be a great leader in the MC&D while being respectful and understanding to my members and potential clients. The way the MC&D are a secretive organisation that host large amounts of clubs around the world with the goal of expanding their wealth through various methods such as auctioning anomalies or highly sort after weaponry or drugs to the public is just very interesting to me. I would love to partake in the unique role-playing capabilities the MC&D has to offer and the experiences that come with the job of MC&D. The beliefs of the MC&D and their plans are so much different as they want to expand their wealth by selling weird and extreme items to those willing to pay the price and this allows for various RP capabilities and scenarios which make it more interesting for each individual. My experiences with MC&D has been great and filled with amazing and unique RP scenarios and i am willing to put in the time and effort as the MC&D salesman to further my experience and role-playing capabilities within the server. What do you know about MC&D?(50 words minimum): The MC&D are comprised of extremely wealthy individuals whose’s goals are to become richer by any means possible while retaining good relationships with highly valued costumers to maintain business and the flow of money. MC&D originated in London and now have large amounts of clubs scattered around globally like in New York City and Hong Kong. Establishing trade links between various anomalous groups is very important to the MC&D as this can allow them to supply or purchase directly from anomalous groups and then sell for higher prices to attain maximum profit . The MC&D collects or buys anomalies via various methods and auctions them off to the highest bidder to make as much money as possible and get the attention of those who are wealthy. The MC&D also sell other highly sort after goods such as various types of weaponry or illegal substances to the public in order to make a profit and to further their profits. The MC&D also consists of a large number of agents to maintain the flow of money into the MC&D and to protect the secrecy and leakages of dangerous knowledge. Why is MC&D different to any other GOI?: The MC&D are different to other GOIs as their main goal is to attain strange and dangerous anomalies and sell them off to the highest bidders to attain the most profit. The MC&D are the only GOI that is capable of providing those with multiple types of weaponry and unique drugs and this makes them very unique compared to other GOIs as this allows them to set the price of their services to whatever they choose. The thing that also makes MC&D different to the other GOIs is that GOIs such as the CI (Chaos Insurgency), capture anomalies and then use said anomalies to aid them in combat and as for the SCP foundation, their main goal is secure, contain and protect anomalies whilst protecting the public from anomalies and to keep their secrecy away from the public. Due to the MC&D's goal being to become richer and providing to the rich, they will sell anything they can get their hands on, including anomalies, whilst other GOIs will keep aqcuire anomalies and will either study them, destroy them or outright use them in battle. The MC&D also would rather negotiate with those causing trouble and conflict or actively against the MC&D rather than going in guns blazing in order to deal with conflict. However, the MC&D are still capable of putting up a fight if it is necessary due to the weaponry the MC&D Salesman can provide. Someone has revealed that you are MC&D, what do you do and why?: Throughout my experiences, i would personally order one of my agents or bouncers (depending on which is currently available) and to the best of their ability, try to privately arrest and escort the person who has revealed me as MC&D to a private area for questioning. They would be questioned of the amount of knowledge they have about the MC&D and our goals and if they have any affiliation with GOIs that go against the MC&D. If they don't know a lot of information about the MC&D and what we do, they would possibly be spared or auctioned off if deemed necessary. But if they know too much about the MC&D or are affiliated with certain GOIs, they would be quickly terminated on the spot in order to maintain secrecy within the MC&D. However, if said person is affiliated with a certain GOI, like the SCP Foundation, they could be possible sold to someone we have good relations with or a GOI which we have developed a partnership with in order to make profit. Have you read the job rules (In the Rules thread) and the Code of Conduct/Permissions in this thread?(One word is not a valid answer): I have thoroughly read the rules within the server rules and the code of conduct/permission within this thread to fully understand the capabilities of MC&D Salesman and the GOI itself. Through my understanding of the rules, i believe i will abide by the rules of this job to the best of my ability whilst working with my MC&D members whilst also being the best person i can when playing the role of MC&D Salesman. Overall: - Whilst playing Salesman, maintaining good communication between members is crucial - All actions by the salesman must be justified to prevent those involved getting in trouble and to prevent causing drama and bringing negative attention to yourself - While playing salesman, it is expected that you act mature and respectful (Don’t minge or act disrespectful to others) Thank you to those who have read my application
  7. Neutral I personally believe they have put time and effort into their 096 WL application and shows understanding of the job but as stated by other replies, your play time is needed to improve to maybe further increase your understanding of the server and how the other jobs function to further your RPing capabilities.
  8. +1 Shows great understanding of the role of MC&D salesman and the capabilities. Wishing you luck with your WL
  9. In Game Name: Jeremy Sanders SteamID: STEAM_1:1:92004515 Crafting Table experience level: 125 (Max) What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?: The Manufacturing Department is responsible for distributing supplies and ammunition to armed personnel as requested throughout the SCP foundation during foundation processes (Raids, SCP Breaches, etc). On site, manufacturing personnel can be located throughout the facility and can be moved to key points of interest if large amounts of supplies and ammunition are needed. Manufacturing personnel can provide personnel with gas masks to protect them from any type of gas and various types of ammunition types for the large variety of MTF units and armed personnel present within the foundation. However, the Head of Manufacturing Personnel is unique as they specialise in supplying the MTF units and armed personnel present within the facility with unique items that other Manufacturing personnel can not provide such as the Micro HID which assist in SCP breaches and health grenades to keep those in battle for much longer. Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: I quite enjoy playing these types of jobs and I love helping those during intense times, knowing that I can make a difference by providing those with live saving supplies and ammunition and to keep them in the fight for as long as possible. As Manufacturing personnel, I enjoyed supplying ammo and supplies when requested and would often offer my services with no cost to save time between clients. I think I would be a great fit for the role of Head of Manufacturing due to my love of helping and supplying everyone while being an active member on the job of manufacturing. Thank you to those who have read my application