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  1. +1 From what I have seen, Oberrauner has come across as professional and serious from my experiences with him, he is friendly and active and would be a great fit for the staff team!
  2. +1 If staff can verify it has been two years since your ban, it has been long enough and you deserved a second chance
  3. He pulled a gun out whilst being under gunpoint... It would not have been breaking FearRP if he moved to the left behind the door as it is a vantage point and can move there quickly, then pulls out his weapon and shot back at the instigator. But overall, it is not RDM due to him being an NSDAP official, but it is more than likely an incorrect procedure from him as he should have arrested you instead. -1
  4. You broke FearRP, then called me retarded, said to fuck off, any swear word under the son, so I added DTS. It was pretty apparent you had no intention to actually roleplay on the server so I gave you NITRP Tier II. You are of the age where you aren't mature enough to even play on a WW2-RP server, I suggest playing games like Fortnite or Roblox due to them being more age appropriate for your age bracket. Kind regards, Wiegland
  5. -Fuck ton of English mistakes in your application -You’re replying to every comment on your post to boost it -Random Starwars -1 reasons -No random starwars +1 reasons -Free @Lewishe did nothing wrong -1
  6. You broke the rules, you got punished. -1
  7. +1 sounds like a good group and hopefully it won’t have group keepers who let people in their custom group just to get them tiered in their first day
  8. They need to be over 3 years old to be removed if they are valid warns.
  9. +1 From my interactions with Gunter I have noticed that he is a very active, serious and trusted member of WW2 Community, he has a helpful and kind approach to dealing with people daily. I believe he would be a good fit for the WW2 Staff team.
  10. +1, seem sorry and genuine as well as waiting a few months before re-applying
  11. Here are the warnings on the provided SteamID @01010101001010101010101
  12. -1 This application lacks detail and care. I literally have no clue who you are. You are not well known nor have a decent IC rank. You have little to know experience in this community. You want to become staff but you aren’t even competent enough to read two sentences. One containing that it must be over 200 words. You are als blatantly lying in your application saying that you have read the punishment guide and rules after reading through some of your 5 word answers. Kind regards, Wiegland!
  13. +1 Pollok has proven to be an active, professional and competent member of the NRP community, holding high ranks in the Gaugeircht as well as the SS-Inspektorburo. Which shoes dedication, will power and a brain I wish you the best with your application!