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  1. +1 This action is IC so i dont see how its "failrp". Good luck with the appeal.
  2. Neutral Way too far away from the door to 3d person abuse. Im not sure about the FearRP due to the fact that you was not 100% behind him.
  3. +1 #GiveUsNewNewspapersInsteadOfTheOldBullShit
  4. Neutral/+1 SMT disagrees Staff member has proof If CAT decides that you did infact do "corrupt RP" then it should be removed.
  5. Your In-game name: Viktor Atoni Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:426958041 Reason of the ban: Metagaming Date you were banned on: 29-5-2021 Duration of ban: 4 days Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Wolf Varem Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was driving around in the city when i see a NSDAP stand and i decide to run over to it to see what it was about, and then i asked them how the war was going and then all of a sudden a man named "Gest Apo" decides to begin harrasing me telling me that i shit my pants and that i smell like piss for no reason at all, the man continues to harrass me and then i decide to make a false 911 report (also know as swatting) saying that this man is armed and that he has a bomb, in a way to get him in trouble. I run away from the NSDAP stand to avoid trouble and then i continue going around in berlin. After about 10 minutes i get dragged into a sit and then i get told that i am going to get demoted and getting a ban for making false reports as gestapo and metagaming. I then try to tell the admin that i am NOT gestapo but he continues beliving that i am gestapo so i ask for a higher ranking staff member to take care of this sit becuase the original staff member didnt really understand what was happening, Wolf Varem then comes to the sit and takes over it, i get asked how i knew that they were armed where i then try to explain to Varem and the guys who reported me that it was a False call and i didnt know that they were armed i just wanted them to get in trouble. Varem then bans me for 4 days. there was no proof at all that i did metagame the only thing directing that i was metagaming was that the guys who reported me said so, and im pretty sure that is not valid proof. it was a word against word situation. Do you think your ban was justified: I do not think so due to the fact that there was no proof stating that i metagamed. Why should you be unbanned: Becuase there was no proof, it was a word against word. Any kind of evidence: I did not record the sit. Additional information:
  6. -1 The staff member has clear evidence of him taking a sit.
  7. Your In-Game Name: Viktor von Knoom Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:426958041 Offenders In-Game Name: Dan von Deman Offenders Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:18912003 What the offender has done: So i was playing as resistance and i was standing at a NSDAP newspaper when a group of SA members go up to the stand and shackels the guy that was besides me (Another member of the resistance) i see getting arrested so i go to the sewers and go trough the vents, when i jump down from the vents i GP the OrPo member and he then proccedes to run up to the wall and yell at the top of his lungs so that all the people who were in the garage would be able to hear it (metabait), they all rush in and kill me. Evidence: https://streamable.com/pye3wi
  8. Neutral Clearly used to minge, But it was 3 years ago and he clearly has grown and becomed better at Roleplaying.
  9. +1 I was in the OrPo with you for about 1 month and i only had good encounters with you, You are mature and kind And super active. And you chill both IC and OOC, I think you would be a great staff member.