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  1. +1 I was the one who he killed, we were just having fun and were not hurting anyone. For some reason Gestapo lad decided to go full batman mode and punch Freddy and shackel him and call staff which is RHC and ARDM.
  2. -1 You are a EM in Werhmact mate...........
  3. +1 Free my nigga. Best Fepo RP i have seen. well known larper on OrPo. Makes really good sense for Fepo to have a panzerfaust because Fepo is chad.
  4. That did not happend to my knowlegde? i never got told to stop speaking Chinese by anyone. I got told to stop speaking other languages while in a IC situation with people which i then stopped. Then 10 minutes after i said something chinese in /open comms which i then got pulled into a sit for and banned.
  5. I don't see why i should get banned for nearly a week for speaking chinese in comms.
  6. I never got told to stop speaking chinese in Open Comms and i have seen like 4 other people do while doing Chinese RP.
  7. Fair enough, but the ban is still invalid and unnecessary in my opinion.
  8. Your In-game name: Elias Gornstein Your Steam ID STEAM_0:1:426958041 Reason of the ban: Ignoring staff - Speaking Chinese after getting told to stop in open Date you were banned on: 30 - 08 - 21 Duration of ban: 6 Days Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Adolf Kessler Moderator Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was doing Chinese RP as many other people have been doing for the past weeks and i was putting "Glory To china" in chinese in the /open comms about 3 times. About 10-20 minutes before that i was speaking danish with some other danish people infront of the PD where Adolf Kessler then Says "Stop speaking that language it's not allowed" we say ok and we stop. 10 - 20 minutes after i get pulled into a sit after doing Glory To china in /open comms and get told that i was ignoring staff and i then get banned for 6 days. Do you think your ban was justified: No. Why should you be unbanned: In my opinion it was very extreme and no point in banning me for 6 days for speaking chinese in /open comms as it was not in any way harming anyone and it's not like i was using it to communicate with anyone or that chinese was the only language that i can speak, it was purely for the purpose of my RP and banning me for it is extreme in my opinion, if he would have told me to stop speaking chinese in comms then i would have been perfectly fine with it and i would have stopped. Any kind of evidence: https://streamable.com/k27394 (I know it's a long clip but yea) Additional information: -----==== [ BANNED ] ====----- Reason: [B7] Ignoring staff - speaking chinese in open after being told to stop [Tier ll] [6D] - Kessler Date of Ban: Mon Aug 30 14:14:56 2021 Time Left: 6 days Banned by: Adolf Schlaffhaussen(STEAM_0:1:158966629) You may appeal your ban at: https://www.werwolfgaming.net/ . Disconnect: -----==== [ BANNED ] ====-----