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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753534284
  2. Accepted No Tiger 2 and will change some things but sure will give it a shot.
  3. This will be my last response to this so don't expect a response after this. Your ingame time can easily be edited, I was more hoping for maybe your Windows Task Bar to show up and that would be good evidence imo. To prove my point I took the liberty to take your first screenshot and edit the time. I do not know why you would edit the time, but I am just stating that it is not hard to do as this took me not even a minute to do.
  4. I hate responding twice but. This is exactly what I was debunking, you can not prove he came back 5 minutes later as we do not have any time stamps when this was recorded. You may have met an hour later in an RP Situation and pissed him off you may have had a Taxi Business. How are we supposed to know you are saying he did something but can not prove that he actually came back 5 minutes later.
  5. I rarely reply to stuff but this is so retarded that I can not even hold myself, so I will be breaking down video by video First clip nothing, but I see you breaking FearRP from 00:53 to 01:13. You unironically had to be blindfolded to move through the Door. Second Video Clip nothing really to see besides you countering him. I do still want to address how your time on the second clip and third clip match up. Third Video Clip, once again ran under gunpoint incredible job lad. Fourth Clip, "I changed appearance" just no yes I can magically change my face and have turned into
  6. Thanks for the surgery, doc 😛

    1. Michael


      No worries lmao

  7. Denied Thank you for the suggestion, but the Deputy Event Manager and I agreed that this will not work.
  8. Denied We currently do not have functioning Planes and neither working AA we do have props but this would not really be fun for players sitting AFK on an AA while a Staff Member is flying a prop and pretending it got shot down not only this but if Planes were to be added for an Event the Sky box is way too small for planes to have a good distance as they would be 15 m over Berlin. I would still appreciate seeing more of your Ideas!
  9. Alright tell me one person that knows Michael Reiter. Mr Reiter is not a well known and memorialized man as Danny is and is a random athlete. Yes he may have a small following but Mr Reiter with all due respect is not known and definitely not known to the limit as Mr Dietz is. A picture of Dietz's statue unveiled in 2007 with his family viewing it, his wife is on the corner right followed by his sister, mother, brother and father. This is copied from the Wikipedia of Danny Dietz.
  10. Hello Mr Dietz! You have had more than enough warnings from not only me but from Moderator Josef Kraz as well! You used the name “Daniel Dietz” and then proceeded to use the name “Michael Retter” after you got warned for ARDM and kicked from the Server you once again used the name “Daniel Dietz”. Now the reason not only I but also Kraz have told you to change your name is due to the name Daniel / Danny Dietz being a well known NAVY SEAL in current times and even has his own Wikipedia. I am genuinely surprised you still are so set on your claims that Danny and Daniel are so different wh
  11. I do not know if this is serious or just an unfunny joke. I will still rate this "application", to no surprise this will have to be a -1 You failed to meet the most important of the requirements to even the eligible to apply these being : You must have held the rank of a Commissioned Officer at some point in the past on our server, Werwolf Gaming WW2 NRP, in 1 of the 3 relevant branches those being the SS, Wehrmacht, or NSDAP. Your current rank must be at least that of a Non-Commissioned Officer (UnterscharfĂŒhrer / Wachtmeister minimum) within the Schutzstaffel.
  12. Massive -1 Not only have you had multiple attempts, the Hierarchy was being extremely nice to you. You never even bothered reading the rules and from personal experience, you are also very toxic as your Hauptmann back when you were in 23rd you threatened me with "consequences" if I will not remove your blacklist. Even after I gave in and removed your blacklist after all of the Officers agreed to give you another try you went up to the CO Office and started slandering me which made us re-blacklist you. In conclusion, you had enough attempts did not use them and received the con
  13. -1 I've sent you to the FailRP Name room for having a Czech name. You then proceeded to start arguing how it is "German Territory" and that it is not FailRP. I then gave you TWO more warnings after you changed your name to other FailRP Stuff and after the 4th time I was fed up having to explain to you to not have any further Names that were something with "Zeigen" and considering your Forum name is "RelitÀt Zeigen" which means Show Reality, you had similar names in game. My "Top 100" German name list is my own mother language making this claim just unneeded. As you said yourse
  14. Neutral When a new player joins the server I do not think they have a look at the forums. They definitely should but it is unlikely they do. I could be wrong but to my knowledge currently the In game command !content does not work and even if it was working a lot of add-ons are missing from it so people would still be missing some add-ons even if they installed the Content Pack.
  15. Hello James. If you actually used the forums for about 2 seconds you would have seen that there is a designated area to suggestions right under this section. This link will also lead you there. https://werwolfgaming.net/forums/forum/22-ww2-rp-suggestions-and-bug-reports/ Considering that you called a Member of the Hierarchy dumb for a mistake from your side will probably not help you and you will probably have further consequences for this behaviour like a forum ban etc.